Caps "grey", 150 pcs. Order No. 12475 to Tile levelling system

Caps "grey", 150 pcs. Order No. 12475 to Tile levelling system Description

Caps "grey", 150 pcs. to Tile levelling system

Innovative system designed to prevent lippage!

This system makes it easy to achieve a flat, lippage free floor.

The caps are re-usable whereas the threaded stras stay in the adhesive.


  1. Insert the straps underneath the tile
  2. Screw the re-usable caps onto the straps until the desired level is reached
  3. Screw off the re-usable caps after curing and break off the straps at their built-in weak spot

Usage per m2 (approximately):

depending on the format of the tiles: 

60x30cm:       about  22 pieces                    90x40cm: about 14 pieces
60x60cm:       environ 11 pieces                 120x60cm: environ  8 pieces

--> Can be used with tiles up to 20 mm thickness!

You only need to turn the caps to prevent lippage!

So this system can at the same time be used as a tile spacer for joints of 2-4mm.







Tile spacers Tile levelling system 

Tile T-spacers Tile levelling system 


Tile leveling system "black" Order No. 12450 EUR 48,90 excl. VAT EUR 58,19 incl. VAT
Standard straps to Tile levelling system, 250 pcs. Art.Nr. 12454 EUR 24,70 excl. VAT EUR 29,39 incl. VAT

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