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Diamond tools, diamond core drills, dry tile drills and drill bits – buy them now online at Karl Dahm online shop

The Karl Dahm online shop offers diamond tools, diamond core drills, diamond dry tile drills and other drill bits

Under the heading diamond tools, diamond core drills, diamond dry tile drills and other drills you find a multitude of different diamond tools.

Delivering quality produces is our top concern. The wide range of drills go from dry drilling core bits to diamond core drills for wet use. These core drills are available in different diameters. Sizes start for instance at 6mm for dowel drills to fix towel rails in bathrooms and go up to a diameter of 100mm for water supplies or electrical connections.

The dry-drilling core bits have a M14 connector to be used with an angle grinder with 10.000 – 13.000 rpm. The advantage of dry drills is the fact that they will drill holes into different materials up to 35mm thick without any water cooling. It is very important to use dry drilling core bits in the correct way: For proper drilling the dry drills need to be put in an angle position toward the material to be drilled. Then gently continue with circular movements so that the small diamonds will bite consequently through the material. Sometimes dry drills may also be useful when you need to drill several holes which do not need to have an accurate sharp-edged rim. Recently dry drilling core bits are also available in small diameters such as 6-12mm.

Wet drills have a ½ inch intake. Karl Dahm store wet and dry drills with diameters from 6mm to 100mm.

It is known that diamond drills being used together in a drill stand with watercooling last longer than dry drills for instance. When working with a drill stand the use of a quick change adapter for tool changing is easy and very quick. The drill stand may be mounted either in a water pan or may be put directly onto the surface to be drilled. The diamond core drill bits are simply mounted to the drill stand according to the diameter needed. Take our advice to use the quick-change-adapter as this will help you to save a lot of time. The drill stand will automatically cool the diamond drills with water to prevent them from overheating.

Diamond tools last much longer when they are prevented from getting hot. Diamond drills easily clog up on your drill bit. This reduces the drilling performance. Please make sure that diamonds are not covered by dust. The use of a diamond sharpening block (20050) will be helpful.

Providing that they are used correctly diamond drill bits have a long durability. It is important to let them work “independantly” – if you press too strongly the diamond drills will wear down more quickly. Most of the drill bits cut into the different materials. In general wet use core drill bits have a longer life than dry use diamond drill bits.

Diamond tools - which materials can I work with them?

Diamand tools are used to work hard materials such as porcelain, ceramic tiles, natural stone, artificial stone and glass . Diamond tools can also be used to work marble and granite. A lot of different tools are counted among diamond tools. From diamond blades to dry core drill bits, wet drill bits, diamond core drills, diamond wheels for wet saws, smaller manual equipment and beyond.