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Welcome to the Karl Dahm online shop

Tiling tools, tile cutters, diamond tools and much, much more Tiling tools, diamond tools, tile cutters and any tool that ceramic tilers and stove fitters need

In addition to a multitude of different products the company Karl Dahm provide an excellent customer service. Trust the brand Karl Dahm and the service that goes along with it. Not only quick delivery but also all-around top-quality!
Karl Dahm is your expert for tiling tools, for tools for the building trade and for tools for stove fitters and ceramic tilers. In the preparatory stage every tool is tested by staff, experts and professionals. If the tools such as diamond blades, wet saws, band saws, tile cutters or trowels are of convincing quality they will enter our product range. In close collaboration with our customers new tools are developed and often even patented – tools which make work on the jobsite much easier for any ceramic tiler, contractor and stove fitter.
Since several generations the philosophy of the company is not only to make working with construction tools easier but also to protect the health of customers by providing the users with ergonomically engineered tools. Karl Dahm tools make the working day easier and more efficient. Karl Dahm tools - your partner for tiling tools, tools for the building trade, tile cutters, diamond tools, wet saws, hand tools, knee pads, accessories for tiling tools and mixers – to mention only a few of the products.

Hands-on tiling tools

Tiling tools, tools for the building trade, diamond tools and much more are provided by Karl Dahm – not only online! Come and visit also our showroom and test center in the very South-East of Germany. If this is too far away simply ask for a catalogue where you can find new and particular tiling tools.

Are you looking for an expert on diamond tools? Are you fed up with diamond blades or diamond drill bits that break after 2 uses?
Then this Karl Dahm online shop is just the place for you!
Karl Dahm & Partner Gmbh don’t only pay attention to premium quality tools and the durability that goes along with it. Particular attention is also paid to the diamond concentration of all diamond tools offered. Have you got questions or do you need professional advice?
Then simply phone us or just send an email!

Phone: 0049 8667 878-120 ; email: info@karldahm.com