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Welcome to the Karl Dahm online shop with its special site concerning tile cutter manual tile cutter and tile cutting machine

Tile cutter – the basics

Here you will find all you need to know about the topic “tile cutter”. Beside different tile cutters such as hand-guided tile cutters or electric tile cutters and tile cutting machines this shop offers any type of tile cutter available on the market.


Among pros the most common tile cutter in use are certainly hand-guided tile cutters.
A glass-tile cutter for example looks like a pencil with a carbide scoring wheel. Furthermore there are manual tile cutters. These tile cutters are equipped with wooden or metal supports and one or two integrated guide rails on top on which slides a carbide wheel for scoring the tiles. The scoring wheel is guided by use of a so-called cutting arm.
Tile cutters of this type are not only available in different designs as far as form, material and colour are concerned but also regarding the choice of different cutting lengths. Tile cutters are offered in different cutting lengths as there are a lot of different ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles a.s.o. which exist in different sizes, in different hardness and thickness and which need an appropriate tile cutter to be cut and broken. Natural stone can only be cut wet by using a diamond blade and a wet saw.

Tile cutter for large format tiles

In the Karl Dahm online shop you will find any cutting length you need. The maximum of our manual tile cutters is 163cm. In case of bigger tiles to cut Karl Dahm offers cutting rails for large format tiles as part of our tile cutter system called MAXIMUM. This will allow for cutting formats longer than 3,5m. Please find the corresponding details here:
Laying out large format tiles is becoming a more and more important issue. Of course that this has an impact on the design and development of tile cutters. Since always, it has been one of the biggest concerns of the company Karl Dahm to support their customers with the best possible and helpful tools for working different materials. It’s not only the materials that change but also the required tools like tile cutters or tile cutting machines. This equipment also needs to keep up with the times and must be up to the mark.
Electric tile cutters are better known as wet tile saws and cut natural and artificial stone as well as notches in tiles. These so-called tile cutting machines range from the one-man-wet saw to the biggest wet saws where at least two persons are needed for transport and mounting.
Please find details here:
On the other hand there are also smaller tile cutting machines. These are mostly hand-guided tile wet saws equipped with a diamond blade and a guide rail.
Whatever kind of ceramic tile you are laying there is always a suitable tool for making work easier.