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Diamond blades wet

Diamond cutting disc for wet cutting. We guarantee clean cuts and diamond cutting discs of the highest quality. Stick to the application recommendations and you will achieve a long service life.
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These diamond-coated cut-off wheels can be used for a wide variety of materials such as stoneware, marble, earthenware and many other areas. Which diamond cutting disc is particularly suitable for which materials can be seen in the individual product descriptions of the cutting discs. With our diamond cutting discs we guarantee highest quality. This diamond cutting disc for wet cutting guarantees clean cuts and long service life. Convince yourself and order today, your diamond cutting disc for wet cutting from Karl Dahm & Partner GmbH.

simply order the diamond cutting disc online

Of course you can order the diamond cutting disc from us easily and conveniently online. You will see that with the diamond cutting disc, many materials can be processed very easily, without much effort. Of course you can also order the diamond cutting discs in a set, and save money! Just have a look at our large assortment.

Diamond cutting discs for concrete, granite or porcelain stoneware

The diamond cutting discs can be conveniently sent to you, no matter how bulky or heavy your order is! Within a few days you will have your order in your hands. We also deliver abroad, please have a look at our overview, there you will also find the respective shipping costs listed. Please keep in mind that for delivery to some countries import duties and customs have to be paid. These are to be carried by you.

However, always keep in mind that even if your diamond cutting disc appears to be no longer cutting properly, whether it is actually because the diamonds are worn out or whether they have just stuck with dust and abrasive particles. If this is the case, you can use a diamond sharpening stone to release the diamond. The diamond edge of the diamond cutting discs is dipped into the sharpening stone and releases the diamonds to ensure a sharp cut of the diamond discs again. Should your diamond cutting disc at some point give the impression that the cuts are no longer 100% accurate, it may be because dust and dirt particles have settled on the diamond coating. A normal appearance after a certain number of cuts. The Karl Dahm Diamond Sharpening Stone (Art. 20050) can help here. By dry dipping the diamond cutting disc or drill bit into the diamond sharpening stone, the diamonds on your diamond cutting disc are exposed again and it regains its cutting ability. The diamond sharpening stone may only be used dry. The diamond sharpening stone is also suitable for diamond drill bits and diamond cutting discs for wet cutting. Please only sharpen to segment height! The diamond sharpening stone allows hundreds of sharpenings!

You have questions or would like personal advice about diamond cutting discs for wet cutting ?

Call us or write to us! Tel. +49 8667 878-0 email: info[at]dahm-werkzeuge.de

The satisfaction of our customers

... and pre-sales advice and service in technical matters is our first priority. Nearly all products are in stock and immediately available. Do you have any questions or would you like personal advice about diamond cutting discs for wet cutting? E-Mail: info@dahm-werkzeuge.de /strong> Advice before the purchase and service in technical matters is our first priority. Nearly all products are in stock and immediately available.

Let our diamond cutting discs and their quality convince!