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Tile cutter, manual tile cutter, tile cutting machine

What’s the difference?

There is an enormous choice of tile cutting machines on the market. In pinciple there is no difference between tile cutter, manual tile cutter or tile cutting machine. The only difference is the designation. The most popular name is still tile cutter, directly followed by tile cutting machine. 

Tile cutting machines – so many different colours, forms and materials

In the following text we will mainly name them tile cutters or tile saws

As already said tile cutters are available in a multitude of different forms and colours. Of course they differ from each other also by the different materials they are made from. Some tile cutters are made from metal, others from wood or other materials. Furthermore we need to make out the kind of application. Is it a wet tile saw or a dry tile cutter 

The most commonly used ones are still the traditional dry tile cutters. Karl Dahm became especially known for their wooden tile cutter IDEAL. This tile cutter mainly consists of a specially reinforced wooden table with a cut guidance. The Ideal tile cutter is noted for its double guidance.

Feet mounted on each side allow for a good foothold of this tile cutter IDEAL. These rubber-jacketed feet ensure a stable foothold and long durability. Every Karl Dahm IDEAL tile cutter is equipped with a tile breaking device serially integrated in the machine. 

Tile cutter High Line – the new generation

In the last few years materials to lay out such as large format tiles have become bigger and harder. This trend has of course an impact on the design of the new tile cutters, too.

Together with a growing popularity of large format tiles our patented solution of a new single guidance was brought on the market. A new generation was born, the generation of our tile cutters called High Line. 

Tile cutter High Line – or let’s say the whole HIGH LINE tile cutter family

The High Line tile cutter is a consequent development of our new product developments. This new generation of tile cutters allows for a professional appearance on any building site.

Special features of these tile cutters are on the one hand a solid, water-proof, 35cm wide cutting table made of phenolic resins which is mounted on a solid, warp resistant aluminum frame or an extremely robust wooden board serving as skeletal structure of the tile cutting machine.

The tried and tested side arms have been modified in order to broaden the bearing surface. Our aim is to design as lightweight a tile cutter as possible – knowing that the materials to cut become more and more heavy. The new side arms will also prevent the tile cutter from beginning to totter. The side arms of this new generation of tile cutters are made of stainless steel and offer an improved stability. For easy transport, these tile cutters are generally equipped with a handle. 

New tile cutting machines - more innovative novelties of these tile cutters will convince you

The problem with large format tiles and appropriate tile cutting machines has often been an instable stop angle. In the series of this new generation tile cutters the angle has been considerably reinforced. Especially long cutting lenghts like art. No. 11495 (cutting length 1,85m) even have a double stop angle: an absolutely innovative development within the topic tile cutting machines! This angle is characterised by its special sturdiness. 

Tile cutting machines – of course with integrated breaking device

Needless to say that this family of tile cutters has also an additional, integrated breaking device at the end of the guide bar. In addition to the standard breaking device which can be found on any oft he Karl Dahm tile cutting machines there is the possibility of adding a new tpye breaking device.

This breaking device has been designed with the function of the Karl Dahm Ultimate Tile Separator in mind and qualifies for strong materials. But you won’t regret retrofitting your tile cutter by adding this new breaking device which is of course also very well suited to cut any traditional materials. (Please note: can only be mounted to our tile cutters out oft he HIGH LINE series) Breaking device „Hihg Line“ – art. No. 11325 

Of course you will find tile cutters and useful equipment also in the Karl Dahm tiler’s online shop.

Useful equipment such as



make work easier and help to care for your health.



Tile cutter – accessories and spare parts

A multitude of different accessories and spare parts for the particular tile cutters as well as accessories to tools for ceramic tiling and tools for the building trades. Hereafter a small excerpt:

  • Tile cutter titanium spare wheel with axle
  • Tile cutter carbide spare wheel with axle

Here you will find more accessories and spare parts to tile cutters 

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Here you will find everything what you need to know about your new ceramic tile cutter or dry tile cutter. We sell a multitude of different models of tile cutters with different cutting lengths – up to 1630mm!

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