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Laying tiles, paving, natural stone processing, decoration tips, problem solutions, repairing damage, and many other interesting topics can be found in our specialist books.
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Technical books for the tiler and the building trade

Karl Dahm offers a wide range of informative specialist books for several areas of the tiling and building trades. Whether for personal further training or as a gift - a book is always well received.
Discover practical manuals that accompany you to the building site, extensive bound books or the latest editions of the VOB regulations in our"Fachbücher Bau" section. The subject areas include:

  • Technical books for tile and natural stone processing
  • VOB books, specialist books for construction work and structural damage
  • Specialist books for bathroom and living space renovation/modernisation
  • Specialist books on various topics such as textbooks for the master craftsman examination or energy consulting

No matter for which problem - here you will find specialist books that will certainly help you.

Why not inform on the Internet?

Nearly everyone uses the Internet nowadays to obtain information for the first time. No wonder, because this way is fast, uncomplicated and above all: free!
No matter what is entered into the search engine, a result is always delivered, whether it fits the searched for or not. Whether you trust the authenticity and reliability of the content is up to you. After all, everyone (!) can have their say. Also, whether or not you pay attention to the constantly pop-up advertisements or further links is solely in your interest.
But even in today's world, correct, professional and above all trustworthy information procurement is only possible with a proper reference book. Here, the texts are available to you in black and white, you are only shown what you really need to know - without annoying links, pictures or flashing advertisements. On the Internet, a proverbial flood of information is coming over you, long texts that affect your concentration and thus make it difficult to process what you have read, and finally you cannot find what you wanted to know or stop searching after a short time.

You can rely on the contents of specialist books. These have been written by experts who really know their stuff. Books are written by one or a few selected persons. Not everyone who may disagree or think they know more about the subject is willing to put in their two cents. You can trust that the content is true. After all, you pay for your information here. In addition, you are independent of the mains. You do not need any batteries or charging cables. A book runs without electricity!
So be careful about rushing to search the Internet. Use the Internet rather as a means of communication, e.g. with other tilers or colleagues in your industry. You will find the necessary basis for discussions in our specialist books, and with this knowledge you will shine before your colleagues!

Technical books on tile and natural stone processing

In this section you will find both practical manuals on tiling and tile technology for training purposes and specialist books on order and construction contract processing.

VOB technical books, construction services and building damage

Do you have a legal problem or need information on measurement and settlement rules? Then the VOB books are the right choice for you. Here you will find all the important rules, values, tolerances, etc. that you have to observe when creating buildings. Our specialist books also tell you how to proceed best in problem cases.

Bathroom and living space renovation/modernisation textbooks

Plan new, sensational bathrooms simply, quickly and competently. With our reference book on bathroom modernisation and renovation you can do this in no time at all. Your customers will be delighted!

Do you have questions about a textbook or are you looking for a solution to a construction problem? Browse through our technical book section or give us a call!

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