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Tile leveling system

  • Basic sets leveling system
  • Maxi sets leveling system
  • XXL sets leveling system
  • Threaded plates leveling system
  • Draw hoods leveling system
  • Levelling system wedge system

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Novelties tiler tools

Starter set for tilers

Workwear for tilers

  • Workwear, work clothes
  • Occupational health and safety
  • BG Bau promoted products

Tileable shower trays

Drill bits, dry drill bits

Moisture meters

Diamond discs

  • Diamond cutting discs for wet cutting
  • Diamond saw blades for dry cutting
  • Diamond drill bits

Diamond tools

Shower trays and niches

Specialist books construction

Buy Tile Cutter

  • Buy tile cutter at Karl Dahm

  • Tile cutter-tile cutting machine
  • Tile cutter accessories and spare parts


Tile repair

Tile washing sets

  • Professional cleaning of tiles
  • Maintenance and protection

Grout cutters and multimasters

  • Grout cutting machines
  • Multimaster grout cutter
  • PROFI cement and silicone grout cutters

Glass cutter

Laying XXl tiles

Edge processing, edge bonding

Knee pads

Trowels and spatulas

Measuring devices

  • humidity measuring device, CM device, moisture meter, Hydromette
  • Karl Dahm laser devices
  • Measuring tools, meter sticks
  • Measuring tools for stairs
  • Angle

Assembly aid, construction hoist

Grinding and polishing natural stone

Care and protection

  • Joint stainer Dahm
  • Stone processing and care

Professional cleaning


  • Agitators Stirrers and stirring paddles
  • Shaker

Suction lifters and laying tools

Stone cutting machines, wet cutters

Power tools

  • Tile removers
  • Cutters and grinders
  • Gas concrete saw
  • vacuum cleaner, wet vacuum cleaner, dry vacuum cleaner
  • Angle grinder, concrete grinder

Spirit levels and measuring gauges

  • spirit levels, measuring wedges, precision tools
  • Measuring gauges, meter sticks

Grouting, gouging

  • Washing machines electr.
  • Grouting machines
  • Tile wedges and tile crosses 
  • Silicone sprayers
  • sponge board, grouting board
  • Other. Grouting tools

Tool box, drill stand, construction bucket

  • Drill stand | masonry drill bit | tile drill bit 
  • Tool case, tool equipment and tool box
  • Hammer
  • Pens
  • Miter shears and profile cutter
  • Brooms and brushesconstruction lights and lamps
  • Pliers and crushers
  • Processing of insulation and decoupling mats
  • Construction bucket

Other hand tools

Tools for galvanic construction, furnace construction

  • Special tools for stove builders, stove setters and stove fitters
  • Pavers, gardeners and landscapers

Stilt bearings for laying paving slabs

Bargain market

  • Karl Dahm job starters promotion
  • Bargains and remnants
  • Used machines cheap

Processing aid DryTiling

Water damagewhat to do?

  • sponge sponges tile sponge
  • buckets and mud buckets
  • Water slider Mud slider Mop
  • Wet vacuum cleaner Dry vacuum cleaner

Tile laying

Machines Used

Tools for sanitary and heating installers

Tile cutter,
Tile cutting machine
Tile cutting machine


Diamond tool

  • Diamond cutting discs wet cut
  • Diamond cutting discs dry cut
  • Drill bits, drill bits dry

Slate cell phone cases and magnetic boards

Joint stainer KARL DAHM