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Floor cutter for cutting silicone joints and cement joints. Floor cutter for cutting joints. Multimaster for polishing and grinding of surfaces.
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Floor cutter, Multimaster, Multi Master

Please note: The FEIN Multimaster and cement and silicone floor cutter models have been removed from the range. However, you can still obtain suitable accessories and service for these devices. If you are looking for an alternative product, we recommend the new Makita multifunctional oscillator Art. 41809, with the matching 42-piece accessory set.

A floor cutter is an oscillating tool which is mainly used to cut old joints. A floor cutter is often used when renovating and refurbishing old buildings.

With the floor cutter it is possible to renew old joints that are for example dirty or damaged. The advantage of a floor cutter is that it cuts the joint without damaging the adjacent tile. Furthermore, the floor cutter is not only used to cut joints horizontally, but it is also possible to cut joints horizontally. An example is the cutting of the bathtub/wall tile with the floor cutter. Floor cutters are available in different versions. This means that there are different sizes of floor cutter. The floor cutter that is used most often is called Multimaster. As the name Multimaster indicates, this floor cutter is equipped with different functions.
There are different attachments that can be mounted on the floor cutter and therefore the floor cutter can be used in different applications. To differentiate is whether I want to use the floor cutter in the area of joint cutting or for example to cut a horizontal door frame. In addition, a Multimaster can also be used for polishing different materials. The Multimaster is very well known, especially in the automotive industry, where it is often used for sanding and polishing old car bodies. The Tile Multimaster works similarly. There are different grinding pads for the Multimaster. Starting with a coarse Multimaster - sanding pad you work step by step to the desired polishing stage.
The individual Multimaster sanding pads become finer and finer from their grain size to the soft Multimaster polishing pad. The Multimaster is also used to sand down tile adhesive in the substrate preparation area. Just like the floor cutter, the Multimaster is powered by a battery. The battery of the Multimaster professional device must be recharged after use.
When using the floor cutter, the dust exposure is relatively low, as it is an oscillating tool. However, a dust extraction unit can also be fitted, especially when removing joints. The dust is then effectively extracted by a vacuum cleaner. In modern vacuum cleaners with single blade and automatic run-on, the vacuum cleaner switches on when the floor cutter is switched on and runs on for a few seconds after the Multimaster is switched off to bind the remaining dust.
In practice, however, not only cement joints but also silicone joints occur. For silicone joints there are of course further expansion possibilities and attachments for the floor cutter. In addition, a floor cutter is also used for cuts in wood, cuts in thin metals, removal of elastic sealants, removal of paint and for many grinding and polishing jobs.

Both the floor cutter and the Multimaster are particularly helpful when, for example, moisture measurements have to be carried out. Especially when the floor is completely tiled or the screed has been checked for moisture after a water damage. First of all, the joints around the tile to be removed are cut with the floor cutter. Then knock off the tile, or even better, use the following tool: Tile removal system
After the tiles have been completely removed, the Multimaster is used. The Multimaster and the carbide grinding plate are now used to remove tile adhesive residues so that the screed substrate can be easily reached. Removing the tile adhesive with the Multimaster also makes sense because the old or new tile can be used later, because fresh tile adhesive must be applied again. Otherwise the tile would be too high.
The use of the Multimaster and the floor cutter is self-explanatory and also suitable if, for example, a broken tile is to be replaced by a new tile.

Floor cutters and Multimaster are therefore universal tools for renovation and refurbishment.

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