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Joint cutter, Multimaster, Multi-Master

A joint cutter is an oscillating tool that is mainly used to remove joints. A joint cutter is often used when refurbishing or renovating older buildings.

Joint cutter and Multimaster

With joint cutters/oscillators you can renew old grout that has become dirty or spoilt. The advantage of a joint cutter is that it slit the grout without damaging the neighbouring tiles. This joint cutter is used not only for horizontal but also for vertical cuts. Removing grout from bath tub/wall tile with the joint cutter should be cited as an example in this context. There are different types / models of oscillators in different sizes. The most common one is called Multimaster. As the name Multimaster says this oscillator is equipped with different functions.

There are different accessories which will fit the joint cutter so that this oscillator can be used for different kinds of work. The oscillator is suitable for cutting grout or for cutting horizontal door frames. The Multimaster became very famous for its use in the automotive industry where it is mainly used for sanding and polishing car bodies. The way the tile Multimaster works is quite similar. In several steps starting with rough abrasive pads you will approach the desired stage of polish.

Multimaster sanding sheets are available in different grades of grain – from rough to the smooth Multimaster polishing pad.

When using this tile cutter there is only little formation of dust as this is an oscillating tool. Addtionally you can easily mount a dust collection unit to the oscillator. An important device when removing grout. Dust will efficiently be exhausted by a hoover. In order to bond the dust, modern hoovers turn on when the joint cutter is turned on and keep on turning for some seconds after the Multimaster has been turned off .

In practice there are not only cementary joints bus also silicone joints. Of course there are also special accessories fitting the joint cutter for silicone joints. Furthermore the joint cutter is very useful for cuts in wood, in thin metals as well as for removing elastic sealing materials or paints and for lots of different grinding or polishing works.