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Multimaster joint cutter

Multimaster for polishing and grinding of surfaces. Now Multimaster is also available with integrated quick change system or quick clamping system. Shorten working times with a Multimaster.
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FEIN Multimaster and cement and silicone floor cutter accessories

Update: The FEIN Multimaster and cement and silicone joint cutter are currently no longer available. However, you can still obtain the accessories for these devices from us. If you have any questions about the holders or the function of the tools, please contact our customer service on: 08667 878-0

An alternative device is the new multifunctional oscillator from Maktia Art. 41809 with 42-piece accessories. Click here to learn more!

Accessories for floor cutter Multimaster buy exclusively at Karl Dahm

The FSC 2.0 Q Fine Super-Cut is a so-called oscillation tool. There are different tool attachments for this floor cutter. The cement and silicone floor cutter is also known as a multifunctional tool and is generally popular with tilers.

Areas of application for the FEIN cement and silicone floor cutter:

The Multimaster and the FEIN cement and silicone floor cutter is not only used by drywallers, but also by carpenters and in the automotive industry as a universal helper. Unlike an angle grinder, which makes the diamond cutting discs rotate, the Multimaster and the cement and silicone floor cutter perform oscillating movements, i.e. the drive head performs oscillating movements. The number of oscillations can be regulated electronically, depending on the intended use of the floor cutter. Thanks to the handy, compact design, work in corner areas can be carried out easily. In addition, the dust and noise development is kept relatively low. Due to the oscillating movements of the Multimaster, the risk of damaging adjacent panels is kept low.

The Multimaster can be extended with various tool attachments. The FEIN Multimaster is ideally suited for finishing, renovation and repair work, but also for grinding and polishing. There are many different attachments for this purpose, such as wood cutting blades and spatula.

Accessories for FEIN Multimaster and cement and silicone floor cutter

The FEIN Multimaster and the cement and silicone floor cutter can also be used for wood and other materials. This means that shortening door frames or creating openings in worktops is no problem. For grinding and polishing, the diamond grinding and polishing pad set (Art. 40868) is suitable, which matches the cement and silicone floor cutter.

Technical properties of FEIN Multimaster

The Multimaster has 250 watts of power, which makes it ideal for grinding and polishing surfaces. Thanks to its compact design and the resulting low handling dimension, as well as the good bearing of the gear head, only little noise and heat is generated. Both units (Multimaster and cement and silicone floor cutter) are equipped with FEIN's Quick-In Quick Clamping System, i.e. the locking screw in the head is released by folding up a lever, allowing the respective tool to be removed or replaced very easily. This makes additional assembly tools superfluous. Tool changes have never been so quick and uncomplicated.
Excellent torque transmission is ensured by a star-shaped holder (Multimaster) and a wavy hole holder (cement and silicone floor cutter). These holders prevent the attachments from twisting.

The Multimaster is very well suited for woodworking. The FEIN Multimaster is also excellently suited for processing substrates and for sanding and polishing, but also for finishing, renovation and repair work.
The special and varied selection of tools for the Multimaster and the cement and Silicone floor cutter

Accessories for the FEIN Multimaster

To cut out damaged tile joints, it is best to use the diamond segment saw blade (Art. 42003). It is also suitable for milling slots in plaster etc. For metal and wood work we recommend the E-Cut universal blade (Art. 42004) made of bimetal with 44 mm cutting width. The new diamond joint cutter in segmental form (Art. 42011) with 2.0 mm cutting width is ideal for hard-to-reach areas.


If you have any questions or problems with the Multimaster or cement and silicone joint cutter from FEIN, please call or write to us. We are happy to help!

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