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Tile drills, drill stands as well as diamond drills and much more now online at Karl Dahm. Tiling tools in best quality and for a fair price.
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Tool box, drill stand, construction bucket and other tools at reasonable prices. Visit the Karl Dahm online shop.

Tool boxes – from starter kit to professional equipment. There is something for everyone.

Tool box – what’s the use of it?

Don’t we all know the situation? Everyday anew you are looking for tools which you held in your hand only the day before and that can’t be found anywhere today. There is an end of it!
Buy your individual tool box. No matter, if you need an empty tool box or a complete tool kit; here you will find a wide variety of tool boxes.
The company Karl Dahm make a point of quality of the tools that are sold. So you should make a point of correct handling and careful transport of the tools. Persuade yourself – we offer a big choice of tool boxes and tool kits
It doesn’t matter which type of tool box – a tool box on wheels or a lockable tool box. Under the following heading you will certainly find the right tool box for your needs. Tool boxes help to keep construction sites clean and help to improve the durability of your tools.
Simply try it out and convince yourself of the ease such a tool box offers one day at a time. Buy a tool box at Karl Dahm. Never again you will damage tools by reason of wrong storage or transport. Tool boxes may ease your everyday life.
In this online shop you will not only find tool boxes in different forms and colours. This online shop is also the right place to find tools to fill your tool box. Under the heading “tool boxes and other tools” you will find a lot of tools from drill stands over simple construction buckets up to a lot of various tools.

Construction buckets in various sizes and colours

Construction buckets are used every day on every construction site. Karl Dahm offer a great choice of robust suitable buckets. Construction buckets differ in form and capacity.
Karl Dahm offer square and round construction buckets. From the standard bucket in black with 12l capacity to other buckets with 20l or 40l capacity you can as well choose another colour. More buckets of 40l and 65l capacity are available at Karl Dahm.

Drill stands and other tools

Drill stand for drilling different materials

This drill stand can directly be used with diamond core drills in different diameters. A drill stand is especially useful when you need to drill more holes consecutively or when you need to drill particularly hard materials.

KDB 200 Mobile tile drilling system Order No. 40103

This drill stand will save you precious time. There is no faster way to drill holes without chipping.

To sum it up the Karl Dahm online shop offers not only drill stands and constructions buckets but also a lot of different types of tools

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