Construction site spotlight, LED spotlight with or without tripod, battery or cable operated, with magnetic holder or without, here you will find the right lighting for your construction site.
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Jobsite lighting and lamps


Jobsite lightings and lamps as important jobsite tools and aids


Especially under bad lighting conditions jobsite lightings and work lamps are important devices for illuminating the work area. It’s not only about a better sight but also about safety at work and about avoiding accidents at work.

Various work lamps and jobsite lightings


Jobsite lightings and lamps are available in various versions. Formerly we used the traditional light bulbs but nowadays we rather use LED lamps, halogen headlights, halogen metal steam lamps.

Modern, high quality jobsite lightings and work lamps from Karl Dahm


They are energy-efficient and have a high illuminating power. Furthermore their light doesn’t flicker, they do not grow too warm, they have shock-resistant housings and they meet all safety standards. Jobsite lightings and lamps are available as floor lamps, as pendant lamps or tripod lamps. The choice which jobsite lighting or lamp to use depends on teh size of the area and the kind of work to be undertaken.

Tube lamp


Job site lightings often have integrated additional functions – tubes of lamps with several tubes can for example be used separately by turning off other tubes individually, or the jobsite lighting is equipped with an additional socket outlet allowing for connecting power tools.

LED lamps


A new LED technique and powerful storage batteries make even battery lamps more powerful and versatile. LED illuminants are even built into cordless appliances for a better illumination.

Safety precautions


Using jobsite lightings and lamps please make sure that they have a secure stand and make sure to find a good cable tidying solution. That is the only way to prevent accidents at work. Lamps with broken mains cables, damaged sockets or covers should be sorted out.


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