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Laser devices - not only for professionals

High-quality work can also be carried out without electronic measuring instruments, but the technology makes many work processes much easier. And the good thing about it is that measuring tools have long since ceased to be something only for professional craftsmen.

Laser technology has long been used as an aid for aligning tiles. Such line lasers are also being used more and more by hobby craftsmen and allow particularly precise work.

The Laser are used in the interior and exterior of construction sites to determine distances. These rangefinders are available in a wide variety of designs. Line lasers and cross line lasers represent a further category of measuring tools / lasers. They are used, for example, for painting work and for tiling. The lasers cast laser lines on the wall, which the craftsman then uses for orientation. In this way, tiles exact to the millimetre can be aligned.

Laser rangefinder

Due to its small, handy shape, simple and precise measuring is possible. The display is partially illuminated and therefore clear and easy to read. A laser rangefinder is ideal for area and volume measurements.

We offer laser rangefinders with different equipment and precision measuring ranges. Not only in trade, industry or interior design laser operated distance meters offer comfort in fast and precise determination of distances, but also for architects and real estate agents.

Laser-equipped distance meters have the following quality features:

  • diversity of functions
  • low maintenance
  • durability

Our lightweight laser rangefinders enable you to take precise distance measurements and make accurate area and volume calculations on site. Even areas or corner constructions that are difficult to access can be precisely measured using indirect distance measurement. The lasers show you the result on the display in meters or feet.

For further technical data and details about the laser rangefinders, please call the respective laser:

  • Laser Rangefinder DL 30 Pro, Part No. 40339 Has a continuous measurement function

The precision device: The cross line laser

Laser devices that normally generate two laser lines perpendicular to each other can be used universally. Many cross line lasers are equipped with additional functions: For example with a tilt function. This allows the two lines of the laser to be aligned at an angle other than 90 degrees to each other. In this way, slants can also be marked. Another extra is the levelling function (self-levelling). This means that the laser device aligns itself automatically without the need for manual adjustment with the aid of adjusting screws and spirit levels. Many devices have a acoustic or optical signal (beep or glow in a different color) when the laser is too tilted and cannot self-level.

The laser is a high-precision device for measuring and alignment work.

lasers for practical use are:

  • Compactly built
  • Easy to operate
  • Extremely accurate

There are different application possibilities. One of them is the projection of light lines and light points on surfaces. Where markings used to have to be made using drawing instruments, lasers are used today. The markings simply disappear when the laser is switched off and do not need to be laboriously removed. This technique saves work, time and therefore also money

If you want to buy a cross line laser, you should first have a look at the different offers in our assortment. The individual articles are available with different accessories. The lasers have different accumulators and batteries, transport bags and partly practical holders.


  • Cross line laser ALC 3/1 Part No. 41377
    The self-levelling cross line laser has one horizontal laser line and two vertical laser lines. If the self-levelling range is exceeded, an optical warning signal is displayed. The laser is ideal for aligning the first row of tiles, tile mirrors or drywall construction work.

  • cross line laser set item no. 41373
    This laser is the ideal helper for interior design. The three visible laser lines can be switched individually and allow vertical and horizontal levelling and measuring. It is particularly suitable for transferring heights, creating tile mirrors, hanging ceilings and aligning windows and doors. As soon as the self-levelling range is exceeded, a visual and acoustic warning signal is emitted. This means that the laser can no longer level itself.

  • Crossline laser SOLA Part No. 40364
    With this laser you will have no more problems when tiling. It has a reinforced laser diode for better visibility and has four highly visible laser lines. With the angle laser, tiling parallel or diagonal to the wall with vertical marking is precise and fast. The tiles can also be placed under the device.

Exact measurement with the rotary laser

Conventional measuring instruments are often not sufficient for measuring, checking and marking dimensions. Then a tool is needed that is characterized by the highest accuracy. With the rotary laser (for example, art. no. 40376), dimensions can be taken or checked with absolute precision even over long distances (range 600 m). The inverse laser exit glass prevents the laser from getting dirty (anti-contamination).

areas of application:

  • level floors
  • drywall construction
  • Measure angles and bevels
  • Electrical installation

When you buy a rotary laser, you not only benefit from its high measuring accuracy, but your daily work will become easier and more comfortable in the long run.

multilaser, line laser

With the self-levelling multi-laser (art. no. 41376) you can measure everything in any direction. You can switch off the laser lines separately, thus saving electricity and extending the running time. The line laser can be rotated 360°.

its advantages:

  • Individual selection of the laser lines
  • 5 laser crosses and plumb point
  • Very intensive laser lines
  • Measure 360° degrees all around horizontally and vertically
  • Transport lock

Different crank stands to our lasers

You will get an even better measuring result with a crank stand. The laser is stable and safe and the legs of the tripod are variably adjustable. This way possible unevenness in the floor can be compensated. Therefore measuring in staircases is no longer a problem. The crank tripods are made of light aluminium.

Do you have questions or would you like personal advice about laser devices? E-Mail: info@dahm-werkzeuge.de

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