Tooth trowels, soft grip trowels, left-handed trowels or spatula trowels, there is something for everyone.
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Trowel: Notched spatula, smoothing trowel and tiling trowel

Under this heading you will find them all: from notched trowel over smoothing trowel to tiling trowel. The difference of a notched spatula trowel compared to other trowels respectively other tiling trowels is first of all its shape

The toothed spatula differs in particular in its shape

from a conventional tile trowel.

Zahnspachtel mit Softgriff KARL DAHM

Example of a notched spatula: Notched spatula 10mm with softgrip handle – item no. 10642

A smoothing trowel and a tile trowel

on the other hand, differ in the degree of serration. This means that a tiling trowel is available with different degrees of toothing, whereas a smoothing trowel has no toothing. The individual toothing of the tiling trowel or the toothed trowel depends on the material to be worked on and the substrate to be treated with the trowel.

Fliesenkelle klein, KARL DAHM

Example of a tiling trowel: small tiling trowel – item no. 10073

Smoothing trowels

become notched trowels used for setting tiles by blanking squares in different sizes. Depending on the size and form of the „teeth“ we talk about thin bed, medium bed or thick bed fixing. Floor coverings can be ceramic materials like earthen ware, stone ware, porcelain but also artificial stone and natural stone as well as glass mosaics. The adhesive can be applied on different substrates such as plaster, floor screed and masonry.

Glättkelle mit Softgriff kaufen bei KARL DAHM
Example of a smoothing trowel – Smoothing trowel with soft grip handle – item no. 11649

Spatula trowels and trowels

are used to bond construction materials with mineral materials or to treat their surface like It’s the case when you level out substrates. Plasters are also applied to substrates such as brick masonray or concrete by using spatula trowels, trowels or smoothing trowels.

A trowel is used for applying different materials like for example tile adhesives to substrates. The height of the adhesive bed depends on the teeth of the notched trowel. The way how you use a trowel may determine the quantity of adhesive applied to the substrate. Most of the time, trowels with smaller teeth are used to apply the first contact layer – in doing so, the teeth of the trowels roughen the surface – this is required, especially in exterior areas.

A smoothing trowel is mainly used for smoothing surfaces. Notched trowels are used to apply tile adhesives in a comb-shaped way on the substrate. It’s the notches that allow for optimum bond between tiles, tile adhesive and the substrate.

Another special feature of the Karl Dahm company is that it also offers trowels for left-handed people, so-called left-handed trowels.

Linkshänderkelle KARL DAHM

In order to make working on the building site even easier and above all to protect health, the company has developed special buckling tooth trowels for tiling tools. These types of toothed trowels help you to achieve a constant application height of the tile adhesive on the substrate. In addition, the wrist is relieved when applying with the articulated toothed trowel, as the wrist no longer has to be held at an angle but can now be kept straight. This trowel is therefore easy on your joints.

The buckling tooth trowel

The trowel with the kink

Knickzahnkelle KARL DAHM

Example of a buckling tooth trowel: Buckling tooth trowel with teeth 6 mm, Art. 11735

Buckling tooth trowel 6 mm, stainless steel

The buckling tooth trowel 6 mm made of stainless steel is the optimal tool for every tiler who is concerned about his health. It is easy on your wrists due to its buckling teeth. Your hands are your most important tool.

Never again sore wrists and hands. The buckling tooth trowel middle bed automatically allows a straight position of wrist and hand. So it remains flexible and you can create a perfect adhesive bed. The ergonomic soft grip also contributes to fatigue-free work.


Advantages of Karl Dahm bucktooth trowel

  • Safety during the creation of the adhesive bed
  • Perfect dosage of the adhesive web height
  • The buckling teeth facilitate the application of the adhesive
  • The wrists are protected
  • With ergonomic soft handle

The new buckling tooth trowel by Karl Dahm is becoming more and more popular for tiling and tilers. The notched trowel with the kink.

Leading adhesive and ceramic manufacturers as well as many of our tilers are enthusiastic about the new trowel, as it offers many advantages for tiling, such as less effort when pulling it up. Another great advantage of the trowel is the better bedding of the tile in the adhesive. The height of the comb corresponds largely to the specified serration of the trowel. This means that with a new eight-millimetre toothing, the same result is achieved as with a conventional ten-millimetre trowel. Especially with large-format tiles and slabs, this allows for better levelling in the adhesive bed.
The company Karl Dahm & Partner GmbH has developed and patented a special bucket attachment to facilitate the stripping and cleaning of buckled toothed trowel and toothed spatula. With this attachment a clean and effortless stripping of the trowel is achieved.

Other advantages of this trowel have been proven in practice:

  • material saving of the adhesive, because the stripped adhesive falls back into the bucket and can be further processed
  • no drying of the glue at the edge of the bucket.
  • The tools become cleaner
  • The trowel can be used for longer.

In this online shop you will find a large selection of different trowels. Toothed spatula, smoothing trowel and tiling trowel in different colours and shapes and of course with different serrations. In addition to the size of the teeth of tile trowels, the trowel teeth also differ in their arrangement.

In our category trowels you will find a large selection

You can see a small selection of our different trowels here:

Sockelkelle KARL DAHM Skirting Trowel article number 10085


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