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Work clothing, protective clothing, workwear, ear protection, knee pads, knee protectors, tiler workwear and much more can be found in this category.certified knee pads for the building trade. Here you will find a large selection!
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Occupational health and safety and work clothing - Well protected and well equipped for everyday life as a tiler

Occupational safety products by Karl Dahm - Everything for safety at work

Trust in our know-how and many years of experience in skin and occupational safety and the right work clothing for the professional tiler.

The work clothing of a tiler must meet the highest standards - every day! Professional appearance, comfort, occupational safety, durability and best care properties are self-evident and simply part of it. The first impression of the customer can be decisive whether a service relationship is established or not. It would be annoying if an important order was lost because of the wrong work clothes, wouldn't it? Because even if people pretend not to be concerned about outward appearances, subconsciously you will always choose the tiler who does not wear torn, dirty dungarees, but the one who treads neatly and professionally. Poor work clothes give the impression of untidiness and customers automatically attribute this to the work behaviour of the craftsman, although it does not have to be that way. Clothes make the man! This is not only true in commercial professions! Also as a craftsman or tiler one should pay attention to a clean appearance and given work protection, in order not to leave a bad impression already at the first meeting. This is prevented by good work clothing.

Work clothes by Karl Dahm - Safety at work begins with the body

Whether combi trousers, waistband trousers, dungarees or Bermuda trousers for the summer - Karl Dahm's work trousers are a constant companion in everyday working life. They can easily withstand even constant strain, such as working on your knees. They are reinforced in the right places (e.g. with Kevlar) and offer protection against injuries. Thanks to the use of robust, extra tear-resistant fabrics, your body is protected against e.g. flying sharp parts and even sharp objects. A fashionable look and practical details such as pockets and compartments should not be neglected either. Each of our work trousers has pockets in which, for example, the metre rule or pencil can take its regular place, so that it is always ready to hand. Karl Dahm's work trousers also have room for insertable knee pads. Excellent fitting properties are also a matter of course here.

We also want to make cleaning Karl Dahm workwear as easy as possible. Well washable and inherently dirt-repellent materials play an important role in the manufacture of workwear to be able to stand up to everyday work. This is made-to-measure work protection.

Our work protection includes work trousers, work gloves, knee pads and skin protection products. Important products to ensure a long and successful working life. Without occupational safety, your body will probably reach its limits after a short time. Do not let it come to that.

Besides occupational safety, skin protection also plays a role!

The hands of a tiler are his capital. If your hands are not healthy, this can endanger your daily business - your source of income. Whether it is due to continuous work with water and moisture (e.g. when mixing tile adhesive, mortar, etc. or during the final cleaning of the construction site), your hands are exposed to all kinds of strain all day long. The skin quickly becomes chapped, e.g. at the ankles, and bursts open. Already now it is actually already too late. Once this has happened, dangerous and painful bacterial infections or inflammations are no longer missing. And these types of skin diseases are very difficult to get back under control. They can also become chronic, and this ultimately has consequences for your job performance. Protect your hands in advance - for example with our Stoko-Protect skin protection cream (Art. 10868). Specially designed for working with moisture, this skin cream effectively protects your hands from drying out and cracking. Simply apply before work, the cream is quickly absorbed and leaves no annoying film. To cleanse the hands after work, the Solopol Cleansing Lotion (Art. 10864) in the 250 ml tube is suitable. It effectively removes dirt and adhesive residues. Afterwards you should care for your hands with the Stokolotion (Art. 10863), it repairs and cares for the skin, making it soft and resistant. Do not neglect skin protection/work safety - it is very important for you and your business!

Discover our occupational safety and workwear section with many products related to occupational safety and workwear.

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