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Workwear, workwear, functional clothing, tiler pants, functional working clothes for the tiler by Karl Dahm.
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Workwear from Karl Dahm in highest quality

Workwear must be functional, hard-wearing and fashionable

Work clothes and protective clothing are worn every day at the workplace or on the construction site. Thus, work clothing in the various occupational sectors is subject to different needs and requirements, even in the choice of materials. The purpose of the work clothing is the main focus here. The company Karl Dahm, as your specialist for tilers, stove fitters, gardening and the building trade, offers the appropriate work clothing especially for your profession.

The requirements of work clothing for the tiler:

  • must consist of resistant and hard-wearing material
  • must have moisture and dirt repellent properties
  • must be made of abrasion-resistant material
  • specific work trousers with integrated knee reinforcements or knee pads
  • practical and functional details such as pockets
  • Easy care and washable
  • diligent workmanship
  • long-life durability
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • professional behavior

In our category - workwear - you will find high-quality work trousers, special tiler trousers, dungarees, fleece jackets and much more.

All around, everything in workwear for your daily work.

As a competent partner and specialist for the tiler and the building trade, our workwear and work protection range is optimally tailored to the needs and requirements of the tiler.

Our work clothes, work trousers, dungarees are made of hard-wearing, resistant materials that are moisture and dirt repellent. So you will find not only functional workwear made of high-quality, high-grade materials, but also trendy workwear that guarantees comfort and a professional appearance. Our workwear includes work trousers, work gloves, dungarees, which will convince you by their robustness, comfort and excellent care properties.

Workwear a small excerpt from the Karl Dahm assortment:


We offer work clothing that is optimally tailored to the needs of the tiler:

  • visually attractive
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • dirt-repellent
  • resistant and hard-wearing material
  • all trouser models with knee pad compartment
  • practical and functional details of different bags
  • Easy care and washable
  • diligent workmanship
  • long-life durability

Working clothes for the tiler - we are your competent contact

Quality bears the name Karl Dahm - Everything for the tiler for workwear, workwear, knee protection, skin protection, occupational safety.

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Let us convince you of our workwear and our service!

Here you can find out more about our work clothing, occupational safety and skin protection for tilers and the building trade:

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