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Occupational safety and skin protection - Protect your health at work

Occupational health and safety is becoming an increasingly important topic

Occupational health and safety comprises the measures for protection at work. Occupational safety serves to maintain the health of both employer and employee. The task of occupational safety is to ensure health, manpower and performance at work. However, occupational health and safety measures, especially for the profession of tiler, include not only the correct handling of machines and tools, but also the wearing of gloves, protective gloves, protective goggles, hearing protectors, carrying straps, knee pads and knee pads.

Hautschutz_Arbeitsschutz_Karl_DahmGood occupational safety pays off for your company!

A British study found that there are also economic benefits from improving occupational safety and health in a company. This included

  • Fewer accidents at work - In the case of an accident at work involving an employee, the average cost to the company is around €500 per day lost (excluding insurance costs)
  • resulting in - lower staff costs, as no additional staff have to be hired
  • and lower insurance premiums
  • less absenteeism of employees due to better working conditions
  • Low insurance premiums due to better maintenance of machinery and equipment

Therefore, do not regard occupational safety as an annoying cost factor. Investments in occupational safety, health and safety at work can have a positive effect on the productivity of small and medium-sized companies in particular. The quality of work and thus the product quality is at its highest when the quality of the workplace is high. This is something that the professional associations in particular point out time and again.

Occupational safety is for the preservation of your health - Keep yourself and your employees healthy and fit

Work protection especially for the tiler

The tiler serves a very wide working area and is constantly exposed to risks, hazards and injury hazards on the construction site during his work. Occupational safety and hard-wearing protective clothing are a necessary and effective protection against the multitude of dangers that occur. Ergonomic improvements in the workplace are an important part of the prevention of joint and spinal disorders, as your work is performed while kneeling, squatting, bending and sometimes overhead. Muscle tensions, joint and spinal diseases cannot be excluded but can be prevented by occupational safety measures.

Here are a few suggestions for the area of occupational safety

  • Avoid carrying heavy loads such as tile adhesive and tile compactors. Use aids such as our compact construction hoist Art. No.40700 or in the elevator set Art. No. 41700
  • Tilers should only use knee protection when kneeling. Depending on the work situation and the surface, there are different possibilities and aids
    • Work trousers with integrated knee pads Art. No. 11662
    • Knee pads, kneepads Art. No. 10247 for tying
    • Knee pads - Knee protection pad bottom Art. No. 10192
    • Knee roll Art. 11191- ergonomically shaped knee cushions Art. No. 10190.
    • By using knee pads and knee protectors you protect your knees from joint and cartilage damage. You can find out more about the function of the knee pads HERE
  • When lifting and carrying, make sure that your spine is relieved. Support your spine during this physically demanding activity by using a back support belt Art. No. 10808
  • Place your tile cutter on a workbench. This saves you unnecessary kneeling or bending. A height-adjustable table Art. No. 11997, which can be adjusted to the body height. Comfortable and relaxed working in a standing position is thus possible and you save your back and knee joints.
  • Laying in the upper wall area, at height Work with small scaffolds, folding work scaffolds or platforms Art. No. 10343 Prevent the risk of falls by using fall and fall protection and anti-slip supports on the treads.
  • Dust from sanding and cutting the tiles is a burden on the respiratory tract. The tiler is exposed to this high dust load every day. Dust is an invisible hazard that can be reduced by using respiratory masks. In case of extreme dust formation, this work protection is not sufficient. Especially for renovation work in small rooms, it is recommended to use special vacuum cleaners for mineral dust Art. No. 40558 or a mobile extraction system such as "Staubkiller" Ar. No. 40540 to work
  • What applies to the comprehensive protection of skin and bones is equally important for the protection of eyes, breathing and hearing. Protective goggles, visors, respiratory masks and hearing protection are also an important part of occupational safety and protective workwear.
  • When cutting such as breaking tiles, as well as when working with cutting machines, diamond saws, cut injuries and eye injuries caused by splinters can occur very quickly. Always wear work gloves and protective goggles during these activities!
  • Moisture and the chemical components of tile adhesives and grouting materials are very demanding on your hands. Therefore use suitable protective gloves for this work.
  • Constant exposure to noise can have a negative effect on your hearing ability. Protect your ears right from the start with occupational safety measures such as so-called Mickey Mouse, ear plugs and hearing protection bars
  • Change your posture often to minimize muscle tension. Your musculoskeletal system thrives on movement.
  • Always use suitable hand and skin protection when applying acrylic mass and sealing with silicone! Silicone damages the skin - prevent it.
  • Use good non-slip work shoes, as there is an increased risk of slipping, especially with smooth tiles or after wet cleaning after grouting.
  • Use a water vacuum cleaner or special vacuum cleaner with built-in filter systems for cleaning the construction site. No. 40554

Occupational health and safety is the be-all and end-all for your health, your safety and your future at work.

The time of bulky and only functional protective clothing is over and has been replaced by functional, visually attractive protective clothing. In our section you will find everything in the field of occupational safety:

  • Protective gloves - your personal protective equipment for occupational safety. We carry everything from disposable hand protection Art. No. 10446, over cut protection gloves Art. No. 11443 up to high-quality leather work gloves Art. No.11480 - Here you will find suitable gloves and protective gloves for the respective work the suitable protective gloves
  • Protective goggles - Safety at work by goggles Art. No. 11448 against dust and eye injuries during drilling and cutting
  • Dust and breathing protection Art. No. 10870 - Protective masks should be worn for activities that may affect your respiratory tract.
  • Hearing protection - preventive measures for noise exposure - personal protection for your hearing
  • Knee roller, knee pads - Ergonomically shaped knee pads - Occupational safety and health protection for the prevention of joint and knee disorders, relief of knee joints
  • Skin protection - occupational safety for your skin and hands - skin protection products do not replace gloves, reduce the risk of skin diseases and allergies.
  • Height-adjustable work tables for your tile cutter to relieve your spine for relaxed and comfortable working while standing Art. No. 11997
  • Base stands (universal use) Art. No. 30 300, foldable working scaffoldsArt. No. 10343, Tiles Workstation - work protection to relieve your back and prevent muscle tension
  • Dust protection - work protection for your respiratory tract in case of high dust generation e.g. dust killer art.no. 40540
  • Occupational safety in case of danger of slipping - We offer you overshoes with special anti-slip sole, renovation fleece, anti-slip safety coating for the floor - Shoe area Art. No. 11183

Skin protection - Protect your skin and especially your hands

The skin, the largest human organ. It is important to relieve the protective function of the skin as much as possible by using suitable protective products. Skin protection has the task of ensuring that hazardous working substances do not reach or penetrate the skin. The natural defence mechanism of the skin should be supported by skin protection and skin protection products. Skin protection and skin care products do not replace gloves, but help to reduce the risk of skin problems, which is particularly common among tilers.

Skin protection and skin protection agent for the tiler

Our skin protection covers the following 3 areas:

  • Skin protection before work - Skin protection before work is intended to prevent hazardous substances from reaching or penetrating the skin.
  • Skin protection during cleaning - skin cleaning, should be thorough and at the same time gentle to the skin. Every cleaning attacks your skin, since skin cleaning agents usually have a chemical effect. The more intensively the skin cleansing product removes the dirt, e.g. on your hands, the more it affects your skin, which can lead to damage.
  • Skin protection after work - Skin protection supports the regeneration process of the skin after work. The appropriate ingredients help the skin to restore its natural protective function.

There is no universal remedy that can protect your skin against all the daily hazards of your job caused by water, moisture and chemicals. Therefore, skin protection is divided according to the working substances.

Tile layers are constantly exposed to moisture and to different chemicals during their work. Especially in the case of increased contact with cement, skin problems can occur when tiling without sufficient skin protection. The new cement products on the market have been low in chromate for years. This has significantly reduced the frequently occurring chromate allergy, colloquially known as "cement dross". Skin problems of tilers are often caused by the cement mortar. Cement mortar is chemically a strong lye and strongly attacks the skin. For this reason, especially when washing and grouting, care should be taken to wear appropriate protective gloves.

Likewise, allergic reactions frequently occur through contact with epoxy resins. Epoxy resins are often found in adhesives. Direct skin contact should be avoided at all costs. The dark side of ingredients such as epoxy resins: More and more employees suffer from allergic diseases. Every year, many workers have to quit their jobs due to allergies. What can happen to you when applying tile adhesive and grouting? Here you have to pay great attention to the right working gloves. The lime from the tile adhesive and grouting can damage your skin. Moisture also puts a lot of strain on your hands. You should therefore use suitable protective gloves for this work. In our skin protection section we offer you various skin protection products. On the basis of the skin protection plan we have drawn up, you will find the skin protection according to the different working materials divided into


  • Hautschutz_Arbeitsschutz_Karl_Dahm
  • before your activity - skin protection products
  • Cleansing - Skin cleansing products
  • according to your activity - skin care products

Relieve your skin with suitable skin protection products, skin cleansing products, skin care products and by using protective gloves

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