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Cutting glass mosaic and glass tiles

Glass mosaic

There are now not only normal tiles in different shapes, colours and patterns. A new popular form of mosaic tiles is the glass mosaic / glass tiles. These glass tiles are beautiful and simple design options for kitchen or bathroom. You can also use the mosaic tiles for outdoor use. Because of the many joints, the glass mosaic is slip-resistant and therefore especially suitable for bathrooms and wet areas. Furthermore, the glass tiles are insensitive and easy to clean. Light is reflected through the glass. This makes the room appear larger and brighter.
Glass mosaic or glass tiles are not quite as easy to lay as conventional tiles. Since the glass mosaic is mostly transparent, it is advisable to use a transparent adhesive. Also pay attention to the corresponding joint colour.

Cutting tool for demanding craftsmen

Cutting glass mosaic is a job that often requires a lot of effort. In addition, using unsuitable tools can also lead to a poor result.
A cutting tool for glass mosaic / glass tiles must meet various requirements:

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Easy to use
  • High cutting power
  • Low time requirement
  • Very robust
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • As little physical exertion as possible - Gentle on health

Glass pliers and glass mosaic pliers

Breaking glass mosaic and glass tiles is easy with the tongs from Karl Dahm.

Pliers usually consist of three parts: the pliers head, the joint and the handle. Use our pliers to bring the glass or glass mosaic into your desired shape. Since glass parts can fly away when breaking, you should wear suitable protective clothing (gloves and safety glasses).

Glass cutter - cutting glass mosaic and glass tiles

A glass cutter is a tool that is used to cut glass / glass mosaic.

The term "glass cutter" is ambiguous, because he does not cut the glass directly, but rather scores it. Scribing causes a concentration of stress. Along this stress concentration the glass breaks by controlled pressure load.

Application of the glass cutter:

  • To remove dirt from the glass...
  • Scoring (cutting) glass: First dip the glass cutting head into the cutting oil / cutting fluid (Art. No. 11148) or coat the glass with the fluid. Then pull or push the glass cutter in a vertical position with constant pressure and speed over the glass.
  • Breaking: The pressure on the glass opens the fissure. For straight cuts, the pressure is applied from bottom to top. Usually something is placed underneath (e.g. a small piece of wood). You can also work with the appropriate tools, such as glass breaking pliers (art. no. 10154).
  • Finally, the edges can be finely sanded and polished.

Band saw as cutting tool - An important power tool

Cut glass tiles and glass mosaic with the band saw
A band saw is a sawing machine with a circular saw blade. With the band saw many materials such as mosaic, natural stone, porcelain stoneware can be sawed / cut. The machine operation of the band saw needs some practice, as precise cuts are not easy. But especially for such precise cuts this machine has an advantage: It has a firm and safe stand.
Another important feature of the band saw is the cutting speed. A high cutting speed enables quick and efficient work. This saves you a lot of time and money! Also the cutting depth and the passage width are important features. But it depends on the material you are working on.
Cut a wide variety of materials with the band saw:

  • Glass
  • Glass mosaic
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Porcelain stoneware
  • Ceramics

Features of the band saw:

  • Robust construction and firm, safe stand
  • Simple operation
  • High cutting speed
  • Cutting of various materials
  • Precise cuts
  • Very low noise
  • Minimal splashing water development

Saw blades for band saws:

The saw blade penetrates the material with its specially shaped teeth and cuts a chip out of the material by wedge action. The teeth are arranged continuously on a saw blade. While the saw blade cuts through the material, the teeth take the cut-off material with them. This way the remains are transported out of the cut. In the saw blades for band saws, the teeth protrude alternately left and right from the line of movement of the saw blade. Therefore it is no problem to cut glass tiles or glass mosaic.

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