AKEMI Colour Bond / Everclear

Edge bonding with AKEMI's Colour Bond and Everclear color system. Only at KARL DAHM
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Edge bonding as an alternative to profile rails

The new Colour Bond Everclear color adhesive system offers a beautiful alternative to traditional edge creation with aluminum, stainless steel or plastic profile rails. Match the edges exactly to the color tone of the tiles and create modern and individual finishes for your customers.

Colour Bond und Everclear Farbsystem von Akemi kaufen bei Karl Dahm

The Colour Bond and Everclear System from AKEMI

The large color selection certainly leaves nothing to be desired. Choose the right shade for your tiles from over 50 colors. Order the original AKEMI color fan and select the optimal adhesive color for your tiles. (You are welcome to return the undamaged color fan (without signs of use) and we will refund the purchase price. More info here!)

Colour Bond Farbkleber Farbfächer zur Auswahl der passenden Farbe

How does the Colour Bond and Everclear system work?

Anwendung Colour Bond und Everclear Farbsystem

The system consists of a 2-component color adhesive that cures within 6-7 minutes. Afterwards, the adhesive can be polished excellently. You can see more about the simple application in our application video:

The individual steps

    • Step 1: Cut your tile edges to size as desired (e.g. with our cutting and routing sledge set Art. 42667)

      Anwendung Schbeid- und Frässchlitten zur Kantenbearbeitung von KARL DAHM
      Schneid- und Frässchlitten Set Art. 42667
    • Step 2: Process the cut tile edges with a diamond hand pad (we recommend grit size 60) to remove sharp edges and prevent injuries. Our diamond hand pad K 60, Art. 50460, is perfectly suited for this purpose. Remove the grinding dust afterwards; the tile edge must be clean and dry.

      Diamant Handpad grün Körnung 60 von Karl Dahm

    • Step 3: Place the two tiles you want to bond face down so that the edges to be bonded are next to each other. Place a fabric adhesive tape (armor tape, e.g. Art. 11502) under the tile edge.

      Profi Gewebe Klebeband 48 mm x 50 m von KARL DAHM

    • Step 4: Insert the 2C Color Bond cartridge into the grout gun (e.g. Art. 11126) and attach the mixing nozzle to the cartridge (included in delivery). Apply the adhesive evenly in the tile edge. Then fold the tiles together and fix the two tiles with angles and/or shear clamps (e.g. Art. 22526 and 20020). Allow the adhesive to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions

      2-Komponenten Fugenpresspistole von KARL D DAHM
      Einhandzwingen 150 mm, 1 Paar günstig kaufen bei KARL DATöpferwinkel mit Anschlag, 40 mm günstig kaufen bei KARL DAHM

    • Step 5: After the adhesive has dried, the fixation and adhesive tape can be removed. Grind off excess adhesive with a diamond grinding wheel (e.g. diamond grinding wheel K 60 Ø 100 mm Art. 50495, with angle polisher Art. 40714).

      Diamantschleifscheibe grün Körnung 60, Ø 100 mm von KARL DAHM
      Winkelpolierer Bosch, elektrisch regelbar, Ø 180 mm

    • Step 6: Finally, polish the adhesive edge with a fine abrasive pad (e.g. diamond hand pad yellow, K 400, Art. 50463). Be sure to moisten the hand pad beforehand to achieve optimum results

      Diamant-Handpad gelb, Körnung 400 zum Schleifen und Polieren von KARL DAHM

What is the difference between the Colour Bond and Everclear colors?

The Colour Bond colors are suitable for indoor use, while the Everclear colors are suitable for outdoor use. With the Colour Bond colors there are several colors to choose from, so you will always find the right shade for your tiles.

Colour Bond Farbkartusche 2 K mit Mischdüse

Colour Bond Farben von AKEMI für die Kantenverklebung

The special feature: the Colour Bond Magic colors

Colour Bond Magic Farben von AKEMI jetzt kaufen bei KARL DAHM

The Magic Colors of the AKEMI Colour Bond System optimally match the surrounding color. This is advantageous for patterned natural stone tiles, for example. The Magic colors are available in 6 color variants. Thus, the colors are universally applicable.

The AKEMI Everclear colors

Everclear Farbkleber von AKEMI für den Außenbereich

Farbvarianten Everclear Farbsystem von AKEMI

AKEMI Everclear paints are perfectly suitable for outdoor use. They are frost and weather resistant and do not fade. If your desired color for your tiles indoors is exactly among the Everlclear colors, you can also use the Everclear system perfectly indoors.

The result:

Perfectly glued and color-matched tile edges.

Fliesenkante mit dem Colour Bond Farbsystem geklebt - jetzt kaufen bei Karl Dahm

Do you have questions about our Colour Bond or Everclear color system?

Call us, we will be happy to advise you!

Tel.: 08667 8780 or by mail at: info@dahm-werkzeuge.de