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Laser and measurement technology at the latest state of the art. With Karl Dahm you are always right. Lasers, spirit levels, measuring instruments, you are sure to find the right measuring tools
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You can buy lasers and laser measuring instruments conveniently in the Karl Dahm online shop. From the self-levelling line laser to the floor laser or the multi-line laser, here you will find everything you need to measure rooms, surfaces and angles.

Laser and measurement technology, with us you will certainly find the right measuring tools.

Lasers and measurement technology that is at the cutting edge of technology, suitable for everyone, whether professional, do-it-yourselfer or layman. With Karl Dahm you are always right. If you want to bring measurements to a new level by more accuracy, this technology is the right one for you. The laying of tiles becomes much less complicated and faster. The laser rangefinder and tape measures from Karl Dahm open up new possibilities and ranges for you in terms of measurements. The laser measuring devices can be found in different versions. 

Laser distance measurer by Karl Dahm

Advantages and functions of our measurement products:

  • Is perfectly suitable for all testing and leveling work.
  • Horizontal and vertical laser lines on walls and floors can be created anywhere in the room, for straight and diagonal laying of tiles
  • It is possible to check the correct height of the floor covering
  • Perform a flatness check on walls and floors
  • Ideal for area and length measurements
  • Low on and off switch
  • Automatic switch-off
  • In practical pocket size
  • Easy and precise laying of tiles

Under lasers and measurement technology you will find:


You can find these versions of laser measuring devices with us:

There is nothing negative to report about our laser devices. Even critics are more than enthusiastic and have come to trust this product. Often there are concerns that the time required for use is higher than without measurement technology. However, this is not correct. On the contrary, you even save time when measuring, so you are much faster, more flexible and can work more effectively.  

Karl Dahm has meanwhile been promising the best quality for 65 years. Therefore, our goal is also to provide you with the best products. This goal is reflected in the positive rescissions of our products and services. We would like to thank you for your loyalty.

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. Tel: 08667878-0