Accessories and spare parts for tile cutter

In the Karl Dahm Onlineshop you will find tile cutter accessories and spare parts for your machine. If you have any questions, just give us a call. phone +49 8667 878120
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Accessories and spare parts for tile cutters - Best service from Karl Dahm


Accessories or spare parts for tile cutters are always needed. Since we develop and manufacture our tile cutters ourselves, we can offer you any component of your Karl Dahm tile cutter at any time. Likewise, every accessory and spare part fits every Ideal or High-Line tile cutter from Karl Dahm. For example, you can add a new crushing device (item 11325) to your High-Line tile cutter or transport wheels (item 11382) to your Ideal tile cutter at any time!


Accessories and spare parts - quality down to the smallest part


As with Karl Dahm tile cutters, you can of course expect the highest quality in spare parts as well as accessories. Only at Karl Dahm you can get original spare parts and accessories that perfectly fit your tile cutter and ensure its functionality. For example, you generally have a 10-year after-sales warranty on accessories and spare parts for the Ideal tile cutter. So you can enjoy your tile cutter for a long time.


Accessories and spare parts - Karl Dahm tile cutters live long!


If you buy a tile cutter of the High-Line or Ideal series from Karl Dahm, you can look forward to a long cooperation with your tile cutter. In the rare event that something breaks, we will do our best to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Simply call us and tell us the part on your tile cutter that broke. We will promptly deliver the replacement part or accessory you need for your tile cutter. This is designed so that you can replace and reinstall the part yourself. However, if you do not dare to do it yourself, you are welcome to send us your tile cutter and let our customer service repair it professionally. Contact us, and together we'll find the best solution and the fastest way to get you back to your fully functional tile cutter.


Accessories and Spare Parts - Every Part Matters!

From the axle for a carbide replacement wheel to the complete guide rail - all accessories and spare parts and are in stock with us and thus always available for you. In this section you will find all accessories and spare parts that will make your tile cutter complete again or add one or the other part.

For example, if you want to add a new crushing device to your High-Line tile cutter, this is possible without any problems. With the High-Line breaking device, you can break tiles up to 16 mm effortlessly, similar to the Dahm super cracker (Art. 10990). Our cutting wheels made of carbide (Art. 10354) or with additional titanium coating (Art. 11309 for High-Line and Ideal tile cutters) also cut even the hardest materials, thanks to special grinding. For sensitive glazes we recommend our fine cutting wheel High-Line (Art. 11363) and fine cutting wheel Ideal (Art. 10383).


Accessories and spare parts - Do you have any wishes, suggestions, ideas?

When working with your tile cutter, do you always come across a situation where you are forced to make an awkward movement, a difficult sequence of operations, or there is simply too little support surface, etc.? You have not found the appropriate accessories or spare parts in our catalog or online store, but would have a solution to the problem? Maybe you are one of many who have the same problem.

Please call us! We are grateful for every idea or suggestion from our customers. This is the only way we can constantly improve our products as well as our service! Under the telephone number 08667 878-0 you can reach one of our employees from Monday to Friday, who will gladly take care of your request.

The satisfaction of our customers is important to us! Just as we have made it our task to make your work as easy as possible. Together with you, the men and women who apply and use our products every day, we can make this happen!


Do you have any questions or would you like personal advice about tile cutters?

Call us or write to us!

Tel. +49 8667 878-0


The satisfaction of our customers

The consultation before the purchase and the service in technical matters is our first priority. Almost all products as well as spare parts, etc. are in stock and immediately available.

Accessories and spare parts for Karl Dahm tile cutters
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