waste management of waste electrical and electronic equipment

Correct disposal of batteries

Please do not throw batteries in the household waste. Every consumer is legally obligated to return batteries to the local recycling depot, to the trade or to the mobile hazardous waste collection vehicle. This ensures environmentally friendly disposal. Batteries purchased from us can be freely returned to us or handed in on site.

Professional disposal of old devices

Every consumer is legally obliged to dispose of old appliances separately from household waste. Hand them in at the local recycling center, for example. Old electrical appliances are accepted there free of charge. In this way the devices are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Used batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed in the old appliance must be separated from it before being handed in.

Please note: Each consumer is responsible for deleting personal data on the electrical or electronic equipment. 

Disposal of lamps and illuminants

Compact fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, fluorescent tubes and neon lamps may contain small amounts of mercury. Dispose of them at your local recycling centre or at the mobile hazardous waste collection point. 

Avoid skin contact with damaged lamps! Collect the fragments with a damp piece of paper or cardboard and pack the leftovers airtight, for example in a glass jar with a screw cap, for transport to the recycling centre or mobile hazardous waste collection vehicle. Please do not soak up the fragments. Ventilate the room for about 30 minutes.

LEDs do not contain harmful substances. Nevertheless, please dispose of them at your local recycling depot or the mobile hazardous waste collection vehicle.

Light bulbs and halogen lamps do not contain any harmful substances. Please dispose of them with the household waste.