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Knee pads and knee protectors - especially important for tilers

Our products for occupational safety and health protection:

In this section you will find everything to protect your health.Physically intensive professions such as tiling require effective knee protection, the use of knee pads and knee protectors. The profession of the tiler is "on the bones", especially on the knees and joints. The risk of cartilage damage, chronic diseases and the risk of injury can be significantly reduced by wearing knee pads and knee protectors.

That is why the protection of joints, the right knee protection, is especially important for this occupational area. The maintenance of performance and thus the maintenance of the work force is an important factor for the company.

Take care of your health, reduce the risk of occupational accidents, for yourself and your employees!

Knee pads and knee protectors

protect the tiler's knee in the long term against chronic diseases and wear and tear of the knee joint, which can lead to occupational disability. By wearing high quality and fitted knee pads and knee protectors, physically strenuous kneeling activities can be carried out painlessly and comfortably.

The constant pressure on the kneecap and on the knee joint is evenly distributed by the contact surface of the kneepads and the knee pads, thus providing relief for the joints.

Knee protection - indispensable for the tiler

  • the quality and durability of knee pads and knee protectors pay off- your health, your most important asset
  • Effective knee protection must be ensured even after many hours of kneeling activity
  • comfortable fit and perfect function for your health and your joints
  • preserve your work performance

A wide range of knee pads and knee protectors for tilers

can be found in the Karl Dahm Onlineshop

Knee pads and knee protectors- Pay attention to quality!

The materials used, the material composition and the processing of knee pads and knee protectors for the tiling sector are important factors that guarantee the right protection, comfort and durability.

Our offered knee pads and knee protectors are tested and certified according to the new EG guidelines DIN EN 14404.

This new EU standard distinguishes four types :

  • Type 1: Knee protection that is independent of other clothing and is attached to the leg
  • Type 2: Knee protection, which is attached to the trouser legs, for example in pockets
  • Type 3: equipment that is not attached to the body and
  • Type 4: Knee protection that is part of devices with additional functions such as a frame to help you stand up.

This new EU standard is also divided into 2 performance levels:

  • level 1: Knee protection for working on flat floor surfaces
  • level 2: Knee protection for work under difficult conditions such as kneeling on stones in mines and quarries

This means that knee pads and knee protectors are subjected to a strict test procedure in which

  • the pressure distribution is measured using a "test knee"
  • the impact strength of the knee pad is measured
  • the wearing comfort
  • and the elasticity and width of the belts are checked.

This DIN standard specifies minimum values for the 5 test and requirement areas described. A further component of this standard is the manufacturer's obligation to label. The intended use of knee protection (means a profession-specific use of knee pads and knee protectors) is to be ensured with this standard.

We offer knee pads and knee protectors that meet all DIN standards and are certified.

Our quality claim - your health - without compromise

to the online shop Karl Dahm

Knee pads and knee protectors in our online shop

are available in different shapes and materials. The following materials are used:

  • Knee pads and knee protectors made of rubber

are highly elastic, resistant to chemicals and heat (up to at least 80 degrees), as well as resistant to abrasion. Abrasion resistance is an important criterion, especially in the tiling sector (must not stain or leave marks on the substrate under any circumstances). Material fatigue of rubber knee pads only occurs after years.

  • Knee pads and knee protectors made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers)

TPE is a low-cost, rubber-like plastic and the economical alternative for knee pads and knee protectors. Compared to rubber, this material is less elastic and not resistant to chemicals. These knee pads are completely unsuitable for use in combination with adhesives and mortars.

  • Polyurethane knee pads and knee protectors

are usually foamed in one piece. They are mostly used in the do-it-yourself sector, as these are a cost-effective, usually only single-coated variant of knee pads and knee protectors. These knee pads are also usually neither waterproof nor puncture-proof. A cost-effective compromise when professional knee protection is not required.

The inner padding of knee pads and knee protectors

Another criterion in the choice and quality of knee pads and knee protectors is the filling material inside, the padding. Cellular rubber is usually used for the inner padding of knee pads and knee protectors. Cellular rubber is shock-absorbing, permanently elastic and is not quickly flattened.
The latest trend in the field of knee pads are

These knee pads offer even greater wearing comfort or the greatest possible support during your strenuous kneeling activity. The gel-filled contact surface of the knee pad guarantees an extremely good pressure distribution for your joints.

The fixation of the knee pads and knee protectors

A further quality requirement, besides material and fit of knee pads and knee protectors, is the fixation or attachment to the body. The fixation at the knee joints is usually done with very wide stretch bands with Velcro above and below the knee joint. This gives you the optimum comfort at work: no slipping or cutting into the hollows of the knee. In addition to the fixation of the knee pads and knee protectors, you should pay attention to the breathable material, the durability, as well as to an unproblematic cleaning (washable at 30 degrees).

Which knee pad is actually suitable for which application is an absolute matter of taste. Not every knee is the same, so with such a large selection in the Karl Dahm Online Shop, you can simply decide for yourself which knee pad suits you best and which knee protector makes your work easier.

Knee protectors and knee pads - a short summary:

As already mentioned there are big differences between knee pads and knee protectors, the Karl Dahm Online Shop offers the following knee pads.

Your health - our quality standards at Karl Dahm

Quality bears the name Karl Dahm - Everything for the tiler for the field of occupational safety, knee protection, knee protectors, knee pads and workwear.

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Let our knee pads, knee protectors and everything concerning occupational safety convince you of our quality!