The tile levelling system works without additional tools and makes your work easier. The Tile Levelling System helps you to easily lay tiles flat.

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Tile leveling system

Lippage free tile leveling system for a flat floor of ceramic or natural stone

Laying out large format tiles made easy – no more lippage!

Karl Dahm & Partner GmbH have a new innovative tile leveling system for ceramic and natural stone, also well suited for large format tiles. This new tile leveling system allows for creating a lippage-free tile installation. This system will help to save time and money – especially when laying out large format tiles. The tile leveling system consists of threated straps in different versions and re-usable caps available for tiles as thick as 3-12mm respectively 12-20mm.

Nivelliersystem_das_neue_System_bei_Karl_DahmTile leveling system - Karl Dahm - NEW

Tile leveling system with 3 different types of threaded straps

The joint width is determined by 3 different types of threaded straps (standard straps 2mm, tile spacer straps 2-4mm and T-spacer straps 2-4mm) which are inserted underneath the tiles.

It’s the only existing tile leveling system that offers not only standard straps but also tile spacer straps or T-spacer straps for the last tile to the wall. For this reason, the tile leveling system can as well be used as tile spacers for joints from 2mm on.

Tile leveling system for the installation of a lippage free floor and how it works:

Insert the straps in the adhesive underneath the tile; screw the re-usable caps onto the straps until the desired level is reached; screw off the re-usable caps after curing; the straps stay in the adhesive, simply break them off at their built-in weak spot. The usage of straps varies depending on the format of the tiles.

After grouting the straps of this tile leveling system can not be seen anymore. A new tile leveling system that works without tools and that helps to make work easier. A system that saves more than it costs!

To sum it up all advantages of this tile leveling system at a glance:

  • lippage-free floors
  • for different materials such as ceramic and natural stone
  • for different tile thicknesses
  • especially for large format tiles
  • zreliable, lippage free installation
  • 3 different types of threaded straps
  • re-usable „little aides“ – caps
  • for wall and floor tiling
  • determination of the joint width
  • low costs
  • easy and quick application
  • no other tools needed
  • perfect look of the grout

Usage of straps per m2 (approximately)

  • 60x30 cm - 22 piecesk
  • 60 x 60 cm - 11pieces
  • 90 x 40 cm - 14 pieces
  • 120 x 60cm - 8 pieces