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Measuring aids for stairs

Measuring stairs and steps correctly made easy!

Do unpleasant work with the tools of Karl Dahm!

Every tiler knows this - measuring stairs and steps. A very tedious and laborious procedure that requires full concentration and attention. Every staircase or step is different (spiral staircases, pyramid staircases, conical staircases, staircases with angles or multiple staircases with angle landings). With the measuring aids for stairs and other tools by Karl Dahm you can create every staircase!

Straightening fix from Karl Dahm

Measuring aids for stairs and steps - Straightening-Fix item no. 11949 by Karl Dahm

This Richt-Fix makes the attachment of clamping boards superfluous.

One of our tools for measuring aids is the Straightening-Fix. It helps you to level out stairs in carcass construction with filler or screed. The Richt-Fix has locking screws on the underside with which the extendable side parts can be fixed. With this measuring aid you save at least 30 % of working time.

We recommend the following accessories for the Richt-Fix: Extension feet art. no. 10954

Step fix by Karl Dahm

Measuring aids for stairs and steps - Stepfix item no. 10945 by Karl Dahm

The new dimensional aid when laying floor coverings on stairs!

With our measuring aids you no longer need a measuring stick. Simply put on the Step Fix, then mark it and you are done. Working with the measuring aids is quick and easy.

Here is the exact procedure:

With the aid of the measuring aid Stufenfix by Karl Dahm you save approx. 50 % of the original working time. You have to apply the Step Fix once per step, tighten the knurled screws and transfer the step shape to the tiles. Once you have marked the tiles, all you have to do is cut them to size and lay them. Thanks to the step fix, it is no longer necessary to cut the tiles. You have up to 20% less waste, depending on the size and type of step. You save time and money!

In addition, we recommend for the Stufenfix a further measuring aid - mounting set for round spiral staircases art. no. 10946 by Karl Dahm.

Calliper gauge by Karl Dahm

Measuring aids for stairs and steps - The calliper gauge art. no. 10507 by Karl Dahm

Calliper gauges are also ideal measuring aids when renovating, measuring and producing steps, step landings and templates for various staircases. Particularly with wedge-shaped steps, the calliper gauge is essential. The calliper gauge is easy to put on and then adjust. With the measuring arms you can exactly control 6 points of the step. The setting can then be fixed by a wing nut and then transferred to the raw materials.

Different step clamps as measuring aids for steps and stairs

Our step clamps are the right complement to our measuring aids. They are suitable for the perfect setting of the stair steps. The lower tiles are fixed by attaching the step clamps. Now the next step tile can be laid without the lower tile slipping. There are also step clamps with a suction cup.

Step clamps with suction cup by Karl Dahm

Measuring aids for stairs and steps - The step clamps with suction cup item no. 10557 by Karl Dahm

These step clamps are particularly suitable for spiral staircases, risers or steps without protrusion. The steps are fixed securely and quickly by the suction cup. They are simply placed on the step and the pump lever of the suction cup must press down. In this way the tiles are firmly fixed.

Step clamps by Karl Dahm

Measuring aids for stairs and steps - The step clamps item no. 10555 by Karl Dahm

They are for easy and accurate setting of different types of stairs. In contrast to the other step clamps (Art. No. 10557), these stable step clamps are optimally suited for stairs with overhang. The overhang can be easily determined with the available measuring scale.

With the measuring aids by Karl Dahm you not only save time and money but also nerves and material. The work is accelerated and simplified. The measuring aids by Karl Dahm are high quality measuring tools with outstanding quality. Just browse through our online shop and get informed. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning measuring aids for stairs and also other tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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