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Innovations in the world of tiling tools

Stay up to date with Karl Dahm in terms of tiling tools, diamond tools and professional tools for the building trade. The constant expansion of the materials also makes their processing more complex and also more complex. In our category "Innovations professional tools - tiler tools" you will find tools which are new on the tiler tool market, and therefore also on the latest state of the art. Also the high quality and the generally high standard of Karl Dahm tiling tools is what thousands of customers have appreciated for almost 60 years now.
Whether innovations in laying technology or technical innovations in tile laying tools (e.g. tile cutters or diamond tools), Karl Dahm always tries to keep you up to date and to offer you the most important innovations on the tile laying tool market.

The laying of large formats - state-of-the-art tiling tools

This new trend is drawing more and more circles. The laying of tiles and slabs with conventional tiling tools is no longer limited to 20x25 or 25x25 cm small tiles. Sizes such as 50x50 or 60x60 cm large tiles and slabs for the floor, as well as for the wall are now standard. Large format tiles and slabs create a uniform, even overall appearance. In small rooms, large-format tiles ensure that they look spacious and spacious. The reason for this is that a smaller proportion of joints are used, which with their vertical and horizontal lines convey a visual narrowness. In large rooms, large cut tiles ensure a uniform and even appearance. They calm the eye, which is why large formats are often used in reception halls of hotels or shopping centres.

We are always on the lookout for the best tiling tools, such as tile cutters for large format tiles and slabs, so that you can lay and accentuate large formats exactly according to the wishes of your customers. Both our "High-Line Tile Cutters" and our "Ideal Tile Cutting Machines" are ideally suited for safely cutting large formats. With our "Ideal tile cutters" (no. 10345, 10347, 10342) you can cut and break tiles and slabs up to 1000 mm in length (no. 10337) inexpensively and quickly.
Our "High-Line tile cutters" have also proven themselves. The darling of our customers is currently the best you can find on the market for wooden board tile cutters or tiler tools. Thanks to its new, self-locking guide rail, which guarantees a 100% straight cut, you save material costs (as there is less waste) and of course time. The latest development is currently the "High-Line TOP PLUS tile cutter". Instead of a wooden board it has a new, robust and high-quality compact plate made of plastic, which is screwed to an aluminium profile frame.

The tile levelling system - Another tiler tool innovation from Karl Dahm

Laying large tiles absolutely flat - a challenge that not every tiler can meet right from the start. A perfectly even joint without excess teeth is a matter of honour for the professional. With tiling tools such as the Karl Dahm tile levelling system, this is no longer a problem! Just with the use of pull hoods and the corresponding threaded brackets, you can lay any type of tile and slab absolutely flat, and in the shortest possible time. Put your trust in the professionals when it comes to tiling tools.
The application is as simple as it is effective:


Step 1: The threaded lugs are inserted under the tiles in the tile adhesive. Here we differentiate between the basic threaded lugs, the cross threaded lugs and the T-pieces. The crosses are used, for example, when laying in a cross-bracing. The T-pieces are suitable for installation in a half-bond. Both are available in a joint width of 2, 3 and 4 mm. The basic threaded brackets with a joint width of 2 mm are all-rounders and suitable for all types of installation.

Step 2: The tiles are inserted into the adhesive. Now the threaded lugs are fixed in the joint.

Step 3: Now turn the pull hoods onto the threaded lugs. There are also two types of draw hoods here: The black draw hoods are suitable for tiles from 3 to 12 mm. From 12 to 20 mm the grey draw hoods are used. The intermediate tiles are lifted to a uniform level by screwing the draw hoods onto the threaded lugs. Then allow the adhesive bed to harden.

Step 4: In the last step, the reusable hoods are simply turned off and collected in the practical transport bucket. The protrusions of the threaded lugs can now simply be broken off at their predetermined breaking point or stepped on and simply swept together. The base of the threaded lugs remains in the joint.


The flat and perfectly laid joint pattern with tiling tool from Karl Dahm is finished!

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