Special offers for job starters

>strong>Practical tools for the start in the tiling profession or as equipment for new employees.

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Starter set for tilers

You are new to the tiling industry, starting a training course or would like to order basic tools? No matter with or for what reason you visit our website. In this section you will find everything you need to get off to a successful start in the tiling profession!

Discover our high-quality products and starter sets of German quality! You will find tools for the following areas:

  • levelling system
  • workwear
  • working aids
  • industrial safety, industrial safety
  • work and dust protection
  • books
  • Chemical products/ stone processing
  • diamond band saw
  • Diamond tools and diamond cutting discs
  • tile cutters and breakers
  • joint cutting machines
  • tiles Wash sets
  • large format laying
  • hand tools
  • knee pads
  • measuring tools
  • wet cutting and stone cutting machines
  • furnace manufacturer tools
  • paver, Galabauer
  • renovation/ surface treatment
  • Stirring and installation tools
  • grinding & polishing of tiles and natural stone
  • sponges and sponge boards
  • tile bearing for laying floor slabs
  • jointing tools
  • angle grinder
  • Tools for profile rails
  • tool equipment

The Starter Set - that's what we offer

Profit from the individual tools in each category! How about our Starter Set levelling system, for example? This Starter Set (Art.-No. 12504) offers you an enormous simplification regarding the laying of tiles. Lay your tiles without over-teeth. Not only you will be enthusiastic and satisfied with our Starter Set after use - but also your customers!>/p>

Another Starter Set is our entry-level tool equipment (Art.-No. 11692). From the old proven tile witch, protective clothing, trowels, spirit levels and sponges to the tile cutter and many other products! In this Starter Set you will find everything you need for a successful start to your career. The Starter Set of the professional beginners tool equipment is still available in the standard (Item No. 10656), the master (Item No. 10665), as well as the professional equipment (Item No. 10655).

Our joint colorant belongs to our chemical products. A true showpiece. No complaints, great customer satisfaction! This is not a starter set, but a single product that not only gives you a positive start in your professional life, but also a successful start in the life of a do-it-yourselfer, because: Even private persons can use the joint colorant themselves without any problems. With the right accessories, such as the joint cleaning set, the joint impregnation spray or/ and the special cleaning sponge, a starter set for joint cleaning can quickly be put together on your own.

If you want to repair your tiles on your own, we also offer a complete starter set. This is the product "Tile Doctor - Profi Set" (Art.-No. 12100). We also offer an annual seminar on this subject. It's worthwhile to have a look! Included in the set are

  • elf colors
  • a cover gel
  • working tool from the dental technology, so that even small