Measuring aids and gauges for tilers

You can find high-quality meter rods and general measuring tools at your specialist for tiling tools - KARL DAHM. Large selection at best prices. Discover now
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Metre bars and gauges for tilers from the professional KARL DAHM

An indispensable tool for tilers are measuring tools such as measuring rods and gauges. 

At KARL DAHM, you will find various measuring rods as well as helpful tools for measuring angles, areas, heights and depths.

Large selection of measuring tools 

Our range of products in the area of trade fairs includes
  • Yardsticks in various designs
  • Measuring gauges for stairs, steps and landings
  • Protractor
  • Bricklayer angle
  • Distance meter
  • Measuring tools for curves, round arches
  • Complete sets for different measurements
  • and much more
Tilers have to carry out many measuring tasks in order to lay a perfect tiled floor or wall. In addition to a suitable laser measuring device, they also have to use manual measuring tools such as angle, metre rule and distance meter. Everything you need as a tiler can be found in this section.
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The perfect yardstick for the tiler

There are many names for the meter stick: Scale, folding rule, yardstick ... almost everyone calls it differently. Nevertheless, they all function according to the same principle, no matter how they are called. And every tiler has it in his hand at least once a day. Not every tool can say that about itself.

What distinguishes a good yardstick?

Above all, it should be stable and of high quality. You can recognize a good pocket rule by the reinforced connections between the individual sections. These should preferably be made of metal. 
Likewise, it should be possible to open and close the meter without jerking. Once opened, it should also remain in this position to ensure an accurate measurement result. 

The measuring scale of the meter stick

The most important instrument of the meter stick is the measuring scale. It should be easy to read even from a distance. The font color should stand out well from the background. 
Practical: Our measuring stick with the same direction of movement on both sides is especially practical when you have to measure under protrusions. No tiresome turning and flipping until you have found the right side.

Further gauges and measuring tools from KARL DAHM

The distance measuring device from KARL DAHM offers a real innovation. When laying tiles on walls and floors, it is used to determine the exact distance, e.g. to the wall or the next edge. 
Distances are measured in seconds and immediately transferred to the tiles - no more calculating or counting necessary.

The distance measuring device from KARL DAHM works on a simple but ingenious principle:

  1. Place the distance measuring device on the tile and loosen the set screw
  2. Push the upper measuring bar up to the wall and fix the set screw again
  3. Simply draw the fixed distance on the next tile and cut it to size using the markings
The distance measuring device is available in two sizes: