Spirit levels for tilers

Our spirit levels are extremely stable and of high quality. Thanks to the excellent and precise workmanship they will last a tiler's life long. We offer you spirit levels with various practical functions and in many different lengths.
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Spirit levels for tilers and the building trade

Spirit levels in best quality and at a fair price - that is what KARL DAHM is all about.

You will benefit from a high-quality and accurate spirit level for the rest of your life. The purchase of a precise, high-quality spirit level is a one-time investment that you will not regret and that you do not want to miss as a daily companion on the construction site.
We offer a large selection of spirit levels in different lengths and variants, which you will certainly find what you are looking for.

KARL DAHM spirit levels distinguish themselves:

  • best quality 
  • high quality and exact processing
  • many practical features such as abrasion-resistant and distortion-free profile frames
  • exchangeable vials and accessories (e.g. with our Goldpunkt spirit levels)
  • light weight
  • different lengths (from 30 cm to 200 cm)
  • optimal for detecting differences in height on tiled floors or subfloors
  • perfect for documenting complaints or construction defects

In our large assortment you will find various spirit levels.

The biggest difference between the different models nowadays is the so-called profile (the body of the spirit level). The profiles are usually made of aluminium or plastic and have thus long replaced the forerunner - spirit levels with wooden bodies. 
Spirit levels with aluminum profile are extremely sharp-edged and perfect for detecting differences in height and unevenness. In connection with a measuring wedge you can determine differences milllimeter-exactly and immediately document them photographically. Aluminium spirit levels also have the advantage of being light and durable. They cannot warp or bend.
Spirit levels with plastic profile also offer the advantage of a low weight. Make sure that the plastic surface is powder-coated and abrasion-resistant. But don't worry: at KARL DAHM you will only find abrasion-resistant spirit levels. These do not write on the surface.
A distinction is also made in the shape of the profiles. There are rectangular profiles, X-profiles or T- or double-T-profiles. This refers to the shape of the spirit level. If you look at the cross section, you can see the shape. X-, T- or double-T-profiles can be grasped securely and also offer a secure hold, for example, for overhead measurements. 
Our SOLA spirit levels are available with a practical double T-profile - SOLA spirit levels - find them here

The most important element of the spirit level - the vial

There are spirit levels with a different number of vials. The vial is the heart of the spirit level and should be available from a certain length for both horizontal and vertical measurements (i.e. one vial on each long side of the spirit level).

All our spirit levels have at least two vials, from a length of 100 cm on there are even models with 3 vials.

Thanks to the vial you can clearly determine the flatness of the surface you want to measure. With KARL DAHM spirit levels, the vials are easy to read and some models are even interchangeable (only with our Gold Dot spirit levels).

Summary: what requirements should my spirit level meet?

  • When buying your spirit level, make sure that the spirit level is easy to clean
  • Choose an aluminum or plastic profile that is abrasion-resistant or powder-coated
  • The spirit level should have a low weight
  • Make sure that the vials are easy to read and in the best case replaceable
  • Think about what lengths you will probably need (the most common lengths are 40 cm, 100 cm and 150-160 cm)

You do not know which spirit level is suitable for your needs? Give us a call and we will give you tips for the right choice.
Tel. 08667 878-120 or by e-mail: info@dahm-werkzeuge.de