Tileable Shower Shelves

Tileable shower tray made of V2A stainless steel in various shapes - also available for retrofitting. Space-saving storage due to spatial adjustment.
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Tileable shower trays are on the rise. They are a nice way to create practical storage space for shower gel, shampoo etc. in the shower, for example. They also blend in wonderfully with the design of the bath or shower.

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Tileable shower trays - the advantages:

  • Your shower gel is immediately ready to hand in the shower - no more bending down, the risk of slipping to get the shower gel is minimised
  • perfectly adapted design to the rest of the shower
  • simple and fast assembly
  • also available for retrofitting
  • made of stainless, colour-neutral and hygienic V2A stainless steel (brushed)
  • water- and acid-resistant

Tileable shower trays are available in three different shapes:

  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Trapezoidal shape

Not only do they offer practical storage options in the bathroom and shower, the tileable shower trays can also be perfectly installed in the kitchen and living room. Ideal for decoration, spices, books or cooking utensils.

The easy and safe installation of the tileable shower shelves in 6 steps:

  • Glue the shower shelf in the desired place above the row of tiles
  • Place the next wall tile on the shower tray and draw the recesses for the shower tray; unlatch the tile and attach it to the wall with a contact layer
  • Cut the desired tile to size for the shower shelf
  • Apply neutral silicone to the cleaned storage surface and place the storage surface tile
  • Check that there is a slope on the tileable shower tray so that water can drain freely
  • Silicone the joints around the shower tray

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1. gluing the tileable shower tray

2. mark and notch the tile

3. apply tile with contact layer

4. apply tile or glass with neutral silicone or special adhesive

5. check gradient

6. siliconizing

The tileable shower tray is already integrated in your shower.

Would you like to install tileable shower trays in your shower at a later date?

This is also no problem. We offer special models that are suitable for retrofitting.

The procedure for tileable shower trays for subsequent installation is thus successful:

  • For retrofitting, place the shower shelf in the desired position in the shower above the joints
  • Mark the edge length of the shower tray on the joint
  • Protect the tiles above and below the joints with adhesive tape
  • Carefully remove the joints with a joint scraper or a joint remover (e.g. Makita multifunctional device Art. 41809)
  • Apply silicone to the edges of the shower tray and the milled joints and insert the shower tray into the joint
  • Install the support surface (see Monthly Instructions above step 4-5)
  • Silicone the joints around the shower tray

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    Our tip: Use colour-matching silicone instead of neutral silicone for the joints to achieve a more uniform result

Attention: When removing the joints, please be sure to observe the following points:

  • Please note that the tiles can be damaged when removing the joints
  • After removal of the joints, hollow layers can form under the tiles
  • Cutting too deeply into the wall can damage the sealing behind it
  • Ensure that you do not damage water or power lines when removing the joints

Tileable shower trays - Which one fits my shower?

Which variant of shower trays you choose is a matter of taste. You can choose from three different shapes: Triangle, square or trapezoid.

Triangular or trapezoidal shower trays are a good choice for the shower, as they take up less space in the usually already small shower cabins. Shampoo and co. are thus immediately at hand.

The rectangular, tileable shower trays can also be integrated excellently in the living room or bedroom and in the kitchen. They serve as storage space for pictures, books, decoration, spices or cooking tools.

The different shower trays are each available in different sizes.

The perfect accessories for the installation of a tileable shower shelf can also be found in this category. For example, our professional joint press gun is ideal for inserting the silicone into the joints. To remove the joints afterwards, our silicone squeegees in the usual high KARL DAHM quality are also ideal.

To remove joint residues, a simple cutter knife is often advantageous. However, you can achieve equally good results with our HM joint scraper.

Tileable shower trays are therefore an attractive and practical built-in element that enhances the bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Do you have questions about the installation or use of the tileable shower trays? Then give us a call or write to us. We are always ready to help you.

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