Diamond Tools

Diamond tools - drill bits, diamond core bits, dry core bits and much more. Diamond tools in highest quality from the company Karl Dahm und Partner GmbH
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Diamond tools from Karl Dahm stand for highest quality, which is characterized by long tool life and the exact cut of our cutting discs.

Our wide range of diamond tools offers you

  • Cutting discs
  • grinding wheels
  • Drill bits
  • Milling cutters
  • Hole cutters and hollow drills
  • Grinding cylinder and grinding cone
  • Joint milling cutter
  • Cup wheels
  • Hand Pads

Diamond cutting discs:

Our diamond cutting discs are suitable for different materials. Our wide range of products ensures that you are sure to find the right disc for your material.

Fast and racy through natural stone and granite. Our diamond cutting disc Turbo, Art. 50260, is particularly narrow at 1.2 mm. This allows you to cut your material extra fast and precisely.

Cut tiles and porcelain stoneware with our SPEED cutting disc, item 50250, because this disc is not only fast and super thin. It also has a flange-reinforced steel core.

Are you standing in front of hard granite or concrete? Our Rotpunkt cutting disc, item 50293, is suitable for this, because the special segments turn red and warn you in good time of overheating.

Metal and stainless steel are best worked on with our Allrounder grinding disc, art. 50048. Because of the short-tooth vacuum coating, this disc works through metal and stainless steel without any problems. The special treatment ensures less sparking and odour formation.

All diamond cutting discs have - if not otherwise marked - a bore of 22.24 mm. Therefore they fit on every commercial

  • angle grinder
  • Concrete grinder
  • Concrete cutters
  • Wall sanding systems and
  • Floor Grinder

with M14 thread adapter, such as

  • Bosch
  • Makita
  • Festool
  • Flex
  • Metabo
  • Würth
  • Einhell
  • Hitachi
  • Milwaukee
  • DeWalt

Every project is unique. Therefore we offer diamond cutting discs in different sizes. You will find cutting discs for dry and wet cutting. We also make every effort to be able to offer our customers cut-off wheels for every material. Whether tiles, porcelain stoneware, screed, granite, tiles, clinker, marble, fireclay, Solnhofer, terrazzo or composite paving. You are sure to find the right diamond tool here.

Diamond grinding wheels

Dry and wet grinding and polishing! No wish remains unfulfilled with the diamond grinding wheels from Karl Dahm.

We also offer many of our diamond tools as sets. Save up to 30 % with our different diamond tool sets:

  • Drill bit set
  • Cutting discs set
  • Profile pins set
  • Hand pads set

Diamond drill bits

We offer all drill bits from Ø 6 mm to Ø 100 mm. In gold, with paraffin cooling, as a set or individually. Convince yourself today of the consistently excellent quality and variety of our diamond tools.

Especially popular are our gold drill bits. They are suitable for porcelain stoneware, marble and granite up to a material thickness of 35 mm. We also offer the most common sizes as a set.

A really practical tool for our diamond tools is our stainless steel drilling jig. With it you drill exact holes in walls and floors. The drilling aid is self-sucking and therefore holds on all smooth, even surfaces.

Diamond burrs

Put the finishing touches to tiles, porcelain stoneware, mosaic or natural stone. Due to the fine shapes of the diamond profile pins, you can easily work on the smallest corners. Due to the different shapes of the burrs all kinds of repairs as well as small fine and milling work are possible.

The diamond burrs fit perfectly into the chuck of your drill or cordless screwdriver.

Try our profile pins in the practical set, art. 50343, where you can get 5 different profile pins for your individual work.
Diamond joint cutter

Wherever round diamond cutting discs cannot reach, our diamond joint cutters show their advantages. For example, even narrow joints can be removed cleanly without damaging the tile edges. Work on edges and corners is also possible. This is very helpful, for example, when renovating joints in sanitary areas.

In addition, the joint cutters are characterised by the oscillating movement of the multi-functional device. This results in significantly less dust than when working with cutting discs, for example.

Diamond grinding pots

More stubborn than glue residues are only our diamond cups! With Ø 100 mm and M14 thread the cup wheel is quickly mounted on your angle grinder and the work can start.

The cup wheel is suitable for both rough and fine grinding work on concrete and screed. Whether dry or wet use: The cup wheel works extremely fast and clean without fraying the edges.

Diamond hand pads

Use our 90 x 55 mm diamond hand pads for hand grinding and polishing of granite, marble, terrazzo and ceramic. No matter if dry or wet application, the hand pads convince with a high removal rate.

With the different grit sizes you will get different fine results. The higher the grain size, the finer the result.

Accessories for our diamond tools

From easy handling, to great work results and durability. Therefore use our well thought-out accessories for our diamond tools and ensure an extra long service life for your diamond tools:

Very long service life due to high quality and temperature resistant diamonds! Convince yourself of our professional tool with an excellent price-performance ratio.

All our tools are tested for quality and performance and only then are they included in our range. From practice for practice for the professional craftsman!