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Diamond blades

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Buy diamond blades and diamond wheels online at Karl Dahm!

Buying diamond blades and diamond wheels at Karl Dahm means

Neat cuts as a result of your work. Our diamond blades or diamond wheels are suitable for professional requirements as they offer best quality to the user. These diamond wheels are extraordinarily durable. Buy your diamand blades from now on exclusively at Karl Dahm in order to work faster and to save time. These high quality diamond wheels allow for very fast cutting.

Diamond blades, diamond wheels and their uses

Diamond blades and diamond wheels to cut ceramic tiles, porcelain, granite, stone ware, natural stone, marble, artificial stone, cast stone, concrete, fire clay, sheets of drywalls, slate, brick, terracotta, lime stone and many more. You always need to differentiate exactly for which material and on which machine the diamond blade should be used.

Quality is everything and all our diamond wheels are quality. Place your trust in the experience and knowledge of Karl Dahm & Partner GmbH. Before adding a new diamond blade its characteristics such as cutting accuracy, durability and cutting speed are thoroughly tested on different materials.
All new diamond wheels are subjected to an endurance test first. Only the best diamond blades are selected. Hence we guarantee a wide range of different diamond wheels enabling you to cut any sort of material.

If you need to cut extremely difficult materials or especially hard ceramic tiles please do not hesitate to send us a sample of the material. We shall test the material and recommend an appropriate diamond wheel.
Please note the different uses of diamond wheels. The most important difference is whether the diamond blade is made for wet or for dry use. Based on experience we know that diamond wheels for wet cuts often live longer. Doing dry cuts the there is always the risk that diamond wheels go blunt. In cases where it seems that your diamond wheel doesn’t cut well any longer please check whether the diamonds really went blunt or if the diamonds are simply covered by old blunt diamonds. If this is the case you could use a sharpening stone to remove and reveal a new fresh layer.

Cutting into the sharpening stone with the diamond rim will remove old blunt diamonds and allow for quick cutting again.