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Diamond cutting disc for dry cuts. Cutting discs in highest quality by Karl Dahm. This diamond cutting disc is especially good for dry cutting. With these diamond cutting discs you will achieve the most precise results and it is child's play.
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Our diamond cutting discs for dry cutting

Both our diamond cutting discs for dry and wet cutting are always of the highest quality and durability - tailored to the needs of tilers. Only the best is good enough here.
To be able to offer you exactly that every day, all new diamond cutting discs are put through their paces before they have earned their place in our sales room. Only in this way can we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your diamond cutting disc.

Diamond cutting discs for dry cutting

In contrast to diamond cutting discs for wet cutting, diamond cutting discs for dry cutting are self-cooling. They produce only a small amount of tile dust and still convince with an extremely high cutting accuracy and service life.
You won't go wrong with a diamond cutting disc for dry cutting from Karl Dahm. Whether for the hardest porcelain stoneware, tiles, ceramics, thin granites, marble slabs, natural stone, artificial stone, concrete, bricks or plasterboard - at Karl Dahm you will find the perfect diamond cutting disc for your material.
Most of our diamond cutting discs for dry cutting fit on any conventional angle grinder (up to Ø 125 mm). All dry cutting discs are supplied with a bore of 22.23 mm. In addition to special discs for working on porcelain stoneware (diamond cutting disc Speed, Art. 50250, diamond cutting disc Top Cut, Art. 50295) there are also diamond cutting discs for soft to medium hard materials (DTS 4 with closed edge, Art. 50265). But Karl Dahm also has the perfect solution for curved cuts. The diamond cam disc (Art. 50456) with closed edge.
The Karl Dahm diamond cutting discs for dry cutting have the optimum diamond concentration needed for your requirements. This ensures clean and exact cuts.

Which diamond cutting disc for my material?

You are not sure which of our diamond cutting discs is the right one for your material? In the article descriptions of each individual diamond cutting disc, you will find a precise list of the material for which the cutting disc is perfectly suitable. If you are still in any doubt, you can contact us at any time. You are also welcome to send us a sample of the material you would like to cut, so that we can recommend the right diamond cutting disc for you.

Beware of low-cost suppliers on the Internet!

More and more online shops offer diamond tools (diamond cutting discs, diamond core bits, etc.) at almost ridiculously low prices. But this is only possible if the quality is secondary, because these dealers are only out to "sell". This is where the expression "He who buys cheap, buys twice!" comes into its own. We at Karl Dahm guarantee only the best, selected products that have been subjected to multiple tests and meet our high standards. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us!

Our service for you:

We guarantee the fastest and most reliable delivery to Germany and the whole world! This also applies to our diamond cutting discs.
You have technical questions about diamond cutting discs or problems with a product? Call us, we will be happy to help you!
Phone 08667 878-0 or info@dahm-werkzeuge.de