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Stove fitter tools, Paving, garden and landscape

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Tools for stove fitters, landscapers and pavers

Today a stove fitter is an energy expert as well, and fits in with the individual wishes of his customers.

Safety and environmental protection do play a role. Modern heating installations are composed of many components which are often combined with each other. Gas and oil heating systems can be combined with tile stoves or fireplaces. Especially during the transitional season a tiled stove or a fireplace will rapidly provide the room with comfortable warmth. There is no other element that fascinates people as much as a fire does. Flickering flames mean light, warmth, security and comfort. What people like most with tiled stoves is the gleaming warmth, what they like with woodburning fireplaces is the open visible fire.

Being considered as old-fashioned still some years ago, tiled stoves and fireplaces celebrate their comeback now. Stove fitters have become creative designer of different fireplaces. Ecological issues are further reasons for the installation of a tile stove. Wood is among renewable resources, wood grows right in our backyard and has an excellent ecobalance. Karl Dahm offer versatile tools, machines and complete tool kits for stove fitters.

Good landscapers are in demand. They have plant knowledge, plan and build gardens, golf courses or sports fields or children’s play areas.

Landscape gardeners and pavers often work hand in hand

As both trades are closely connected. Alleys and driveways often go through green spaces. Both trades are very interesting, but at the same time they are physically stressful.

Pavers create traffic areas, places, pavements, doorways, water jumps, natural stone walls and much more. They do not only install stones for area pavings but they also design public parks using natural stone or concrete blocks and execute all the relied works. Beside from wet saws used for precise cutting of natural stone and concrete blocks they also use compactors and setting out tools. Pavement works are often also done by ceramic tilers wishing to expand their business activities.

An other favoured combination are the 2 trades „ceramic tile setter“ and „stove fitter“ as the materials being used are very similar and the motto is “your one-stop solution for building work”

Karl Dahm has the right tools for stove fitters, pavers and partially also for landscape gardeners as well as items for more safety at work such as knee pads and protective gloves.

Kneepads and Gloves