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Tile washing set, tile washing set, roller washing sets, express washing sets - the right tile washing set is available for every job and every tiler.
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Tile washing set

Clean the floor, tiles and other surfaces thoroughly so that you get a nice joint pattern and leave a good impression on your customers!

Clean the floor after grouting with the tile washing sets

The work, the washing of grouted surfaces, is made easier for you by the use of sponge boards, grating etc. Sponge boards help the tiler to remove the remaining cement film and coarser dirt after grouting on the tiles. For the finer work, a tile sponge or hydrosponge is recommended at the end. With the sponge you can finally wash and clean the substrate. Hydro sponges can absorb even finer particles due to the particularly fine pores (high absorbency). They are also particularly suitable for absorbing water, dirt and cement residue. We have screened and also unscreened sponges and sponge pads for the sponge boards in our range. The screening significantly increases the washing performance of the sponges. The replacement sponge boards can also be purchased separately. In our assortment you will also find sponges that are acid-resistant.
When using sponge boards, the hands remain dry due to the grip and thus protect the skin already stressed by cement, mortar or glue. To protect your skin you will also find creams and ointments (see category: work clothing, work protection, skin protection à work protection-skin protection), which protect your skin from drying out or repair stressed, cracked hands.

Cleaning sponges and sponge boards

Always wash the dirty sponges / sponge board pads thoroughly with clean water at the end of your work. Also always clean the remaining parts of the washing set at the end. Treat your tools with care to obtain a longer durability / life span. Good handling of your tools is essential.

The tile washing set - Everything for perfect cleaning at Karl Dahm

For example:
Art. no. 11487 Tile Washing Set Express with 3 castor attachment, with wheels
Step by step to cleanliness:
Fill the bucket with clean water, put the grating in and attach the roller attachment to the upper edge of the bucket. The four rollers on the bucket provide relief for the back. The bucket can be easily pushed / rolled and does not need to be carried. This also means that nothing is spilled on the floor. For coarser dirt, such as cement residue, the sponge board is required. For the final polish, a hydrosponge is ideal. The sponge board or sponge absorbs the dirt and can then be pressed out on the roller attachment. In this way the dirty water and the remains of the dirt flow directly into the bucket and nothing goes missing. The dirt sinks down under the grating. The grating keeps the dirt in the bucket on the ground. This keeps the water and thus the sponges cleaner for longer. After squeezing out the sponge board is absorbent and highly absorbent again. At the end of your work, rinse the sponges with clean water, wash the grating and squeeze-out rollers and the wash set is ready for use again.
Our recommendations in addition to the set:

  • Tile washing set bag, collection bag art. no. 11614 To keep the bucket clean, we recommend the Karl Dahm tile washing set bag. They make your work easier and also save time and nerves! The bags keep the dirt on the floor. Finally, you can remove the bag from the bucket, pour away the dirty water and dispose of the bag in an environmentally friendly way. The bucket stays clean and can be used again immediately! This saves time and money!

  • Sponge tray, tile sponge holder art. no. 11624 Keep the sponge clean and always ready to hand while working with mortar, cement, adhesive residues etc. Pick up dirt with the sponge and press it out on the push-out rollers. To prevent the sponge from becoming dirty again or getting lost, you can now simply place it on the sponge tray instead of somewhere on the floor. The tile sponge holder can simply be attached to the top of the bucket rim.

Of course, you will also find other tile washing sets, roller attachments and other accessories in our range:

Tile washing set:

  • Tile washing set, washing set with castors underneath (art. no. 10427 without wheels / art. no. 10423 with wheels)
  • Tile washing set with castors on top, with wheels (art. no. 11423)
  • Roller Washing Set Special (Art.-No. 11433)
  • Epoxy joint and wash kit (Art.-No. 11486)
  • Floor Washing Set Optimal (Art.-No. 10398)

Roller attachment:

  • Roller attachment with 3 bottom ejector rollers (Art.-No. 11316)
  • Tile Washing Set Roller attachment below (Art.-No. 11310)
  • Tile Washing Set Roller attachment top-mounted (Art.-No. 11312)
  • Spare push-out rollers (Art.-No. 11434)

Other accessories:

  • Tile washing set wheels (Art.-No. 11321)
  • Tile washing set Grid (Art.-No. 10425)
  • Special sponge board with grid sponge Hydro (Art.-No. 10432)
  • Tile washing set Spare bucket 25 l (Art.-No. 11320)

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