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The clever laying aid for tiles is now standard equipment for many professionals when laying large format tiles. They create large areas without any overteeth or edges. Here you will find the right pulling hoods for your project.

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Turning caps for the leveling system - with us you will find a wide selection

The turning caps for the leveling system are the ideal laying aids. Therefore, they are now part of the standard equipment of anyone who wants to lay tiles. In particular, they are recommended for large format laying because they create so quickly and easily a large surface without visible edges or overteeth. With the twist caps and pull caps you get a perfectly laid tile floor. With us you will find the ideal turning caps for the leveling system Karl Dahm which fit your project. The rotating caps are also reusable and are very easy to use.

Available are the turning caps in different designs, sizes and packaging units. These also refer, for example, to the different tile thickness. So by using a leveling system for tiles, we enable you to achieve the best possible result for their customers. But this has advantages not only for the customer, but also for themselves. Thanks to the rotating caps in conjunction with threaded tabs, the result of tiling is optimal and you get an overtooth-free tiling.  

Our pulling hoods and turning caps are very easy to use and are gentle on surfaces. They are ideal for laying tiles perfectly

The following draw hoods and turning caps can be found in the designs:


Our products are available in the packing units: 30, 50, 150,250.    

These advantages are offered by the draw hoods and turning caps:

  • Tile installation is simple, fast and inexpensive
  • it is, above all, time-saving and safe
  • All tiles are at one level and there are no excesses
  • No other tools are needed
  • particularly suitable for large format tiles
  • optimal for wall and floor
  • traction hoods are, among other things, reusable
  • the grout line is even

The installation simply explained:

1. Lay the first tile, following put a threaded ash under the tile in the tile adhesive. Now they can put on the next tile and repeat the step. Even with large and thick tiles, laying is more precise and easier than without a leveling system. Here it does not matter whether wall laying or floor laying.

Step 1 leveling system Karl Dahm

2. We recommend the use of the washers for the Karl Dahm leveling system art. 12489 through this one protects with the coating of the tile and the abrasion of the hoods. In addition, the washers are especially recommended for sensitive surfaces. The washers can be used several times. Second, screw the threaded washer onto the draw hood. Most importantly, make sure both tiles are at the same height.

3. After the glue has cured you can unscrew the reusable rotating caps. Subsequently, you must knock off or step off the threaded tabs in the direction of the joint at their predetermined breaking point.

Step 3 Karl Dahm leveling system

In conclusion, it can be said that the turning caps are the ideal product for anyone who wants to lay tiles. Complementary to this, the different designs make it even easier to achieve the perfect result.   For orientation, we give them an approximate lug consumption per sqm:. The example with the tile formats given below:

  • 60 x 30 cm about 22 pieces
  • 90 x 40 cm about 14 pieces
  • 60 x 60 cm approx. 11 pieces

Karl Dahm now promises the best quality for 65 years. On the other hand, our goal is also to provide you with the best products, as a result, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Likewise, this goal is reflected in the positive rescissions of our products and services. For this and especially for your loyalty, we would like to thank you very much.