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The levelling system Maxi-Sets are extremely practical if you have large areas to lay. The practical mixing bucket contains 150 pulling hoods (rotating caps) and 1500 threaded lugs (available in many variants). So you are well prepared for the construction site.

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Maxi sets for the leveling system - with us you will find a wide selection.

The maxi sets for the leveling system are suitable for everyone, it does not matter whether you are a professional, do-it-yourselfer or layman. With the maxi sets, the installation is incredibly simplified and with little effort you can quickly achieve a perfect result. The leveling system maxi sets are extremely practical as soon as you have large areas to lay. When laying with the Maxi-Set, you achieve perfect results without overhangs or disturbing edges. You will receive the Maxi-Set in our practical mixing bucket, in it 150 turning caps and 1500 threaded tabs are included (available in many variants). With the maxi sets for the leveling system you are well equipped for every construction site. Our Karl Dahm leveling system is already one of the most popular laying systems in the world of any tiler. With the leveling system maxi set you are perfectly equipped, for example, to perfectly lay large format tiles with the most variable or narrow joint widths possible.


The Maxi-Set is ideal for large areas that are to be laid and the use is quick and uncomplicated.

These advantages bring our transparent pull hoods in the Maxi-Set:

Through our transparent pulling hoods of the tile leveling system, you get a view of the threaded tab located inside. Likewise the joint and the tile are well visible whereby one has everything well under control. Similarly, the transparent draw hoods protect light-colored and sensitive tiles from abrasion. With just a few turns of the hoods, the tiles are raised to the same level, which gives the perfect result.

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