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Wedge levelling system for easy and perfect laying of large tiles. We would be pleased to advise you on tile laying with a levelling system of your choice.

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Wedges Leveling system - here you will find a wide selection

With the Wedges leveling system it is regardless of whether it is professionals, do-it-yourselfers or laymen who use the product. Through the wedges leveling system the work is taken from one especially with large tiles with little joint spacing. Available are the wedges in different set designs as well as individually. In our range we offer from sets with 1mm wedges to sets with 2mm wedges. Also there is to distinguish that there are sets for tile thicknesses up to 12mm and up to sets for thick tiles with up to 20mm gives.

So the use of these sets allow you to achieve the best possible results for themselves or their customers. Even the laying of large and thick tiles is possible with the use of a leveling system precise and simple. It does not matter whether it is a floor or wall installation. Therefore, our goal, you the laying of tiles of any kind as easy and perfect as possible. How offers them here a laying aid. Thanks to our leveling brackets the laying of 90° angles is incredibly simplified.  So they not only get a tile floor that is perfectly laid and kno excess teeth and edges, but also corner constructions can be laid easily.

  Wedge leveling system sets buy cheap at KARL DAHM  

  • The Wedges leveling systemis available in different versions
  • Available whereby these the best possible result independently
  • Enabling of tile size and tile thickness.

Following leveling system wedges sets can be found in the designs:

On the basis of the Leveling System Wedges Sets, we allow you to install at the same level and, as a result, the best possible final result.    

Following accessories for the Leveling System Wedges Set can be found in the versions:

Of course, you can also assemble a set yourself as you wish. To do this, select one of the drawbars with the Art.-No. 11091, 11092, and 11093, and opt for pliers and a wedge. By laying with the leveling system, you save a lot of time and can work much more effectively, quickly and flexibly.    

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This goal is reflected in the positive rescissions of our products and services, for this and for your loyalty we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.