Leveling wedges - tile levelling kit Karl Dahm

Wedge levelling system for overdentulous laying of large tiles. Now new at Karl Dahm.

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NEW: The wedge levelling system now also available at KARL DAHM

The wedge levelling system from KARL DAHM offers an alternative to our classic tile levelling system. If you are already used to using the wedge levelling system and do not want to change to the popular KARL DAHM levelling system, you can now buy it from us in practical sets or individually.

What is so special about the wedge levelling system?

The wedge levelling system is ideal for laying large tiles without excess teeth. The system consists of 3 parts, which are decisive for the levelling process. One needs:

  • 1 Levelling system tile tongs
  • Levelling system tile wedges
  • Levelling system Threaded brackets

How is the wedge levelling system used?

The wedge levelling system is easy to use and should be used quickly after a short time:

Step 1: Lay on the adhesive bed as usual and insert the first tile. Now take a leveling system threaded bracket and place it under the tile along the edge of the tile so that the opening in the bracket protrudes over the tile.

Step 2: Place the second tile on the first tile so that the threaded lugs between the tiles are fixed in the joint. Now take a levelling system tile wedge and push it through the tab by hand as far as possible, but do not apply much pressure yet.

Step 3: Once the first row of tiles has been laid, the wedges can now be locked in place using the tile tongs. By pushing the wedges through the brackets, the adjacent tiles are brought to a level. Once the wedges have been locked with the pliers, the position of the wedges can no longer be changed.

Step 4: Lay the entire surface and allow the adhesive bed to dry completely. Then the threaded lugs can be carefully treaded in the direction of the joint with the tip of the foot or broken off with a rubber hammer. The base of the threaded lugs remains invisible in the adhesive bed and is also grouted. The levelling system wedges are reusable.

What is the difference to the KARL DAHM levelling system?

The wedge levelling system and the KARL DAHM levelling system differ in various ways. While the KARL DAHM Levelling System consists of only two components (draw hoods and threaded lugs), the Wedge Levelling System requires a tile clamp in addition to wedges and threaded lugs. Another difference to the KARL DAHM levelling system is that once the wedges have been locked in the threaded bracket, it is no longer possible to change their position. The pull hoods of the KARL DAHM Levelling System can also be readjusted after levelling. Both the Wedge Levelling System and the KARL DAHM Levelling System have different threaded lugs for different tile thicknesses. The brackets differ in height. With the standard brackets you can level tiles with a thickness of 3-12 mm, with the higher brackets tiles with a thickness of 12-20 mm can be levelled. For each tile format and each tile thickness there is a suitable thread bracket. The threaded lugs for 3-12 mm tile thickness are available in 2 mm joint width and 1 mm joint width.