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Discover our XXL-Sets levelling system for large areas. Order today and save a lot of money when purchasing the XXL-Sets levelling system from Karl Dahm. Each of our XXL sets contains 300 black pull straps and 2500 basic threaded straps. How to lay the perfect tiled floor. Completely without excess teeth and edges.

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XXL sets Tile levelling system Karl Dahm

Karl Dahm offers XXL sets for XXL surfaces for all those who have more in mind. Large format tiles can thus be laid with a simply perfect end result - completely without excess teeth and edges.

What advantages do the XXL sets of the Karl Dahm levelling system offer?

  • 300 pull straps and 2500 threaded straps Base in one set
  • perfect for laying large surfaces
  • no excess teeth, therefore no complaints
  • no additional time, no additional tools necessary
  • simple and fast application

The XXL-Sets levelling system - you save money here!

Our XXL sets are available in two different versions:

XXL-Sets black 2 mm Art. 12449


  • 300 pull straps black (for tile thicknesses from 3 to 12 mm)
  • 2500 Threaded brackets base 2 mm (for joint width 2 mm)

XXL-Sets black 1 mm Art. 12448


  • 300 pull straps black (for tile thicknesses from 12 to 20 mm)
  • 2500 Threaded brackets base 1 mm (for joint width 1 mm)

The tile levelling system XXL-Sets are available for € 299.00 net each. You save more than 21% compared to single purchase. A worthwhile and above all time-saving investment.

The simple and quick application of the Karl Dahm levelling system and the XXL sets

Before you start laying your tiles, please make sure that the prepared surface is absolutely level. The levelling system has the function - as the name suggests - to level the tile surface or bring it to the same level. It is not suitable for levelling hollow layers under the tiles.

XXL sets Step 1:

Start with the first row, as usual, by applying the tile adhesive to the substrate. For tiles larger than 60 x 60 cm, use the Buttering Floating method. This additionally reduces the risk of hollow layers. Place the first tile in the adhesive. Then the threaded lugs of the XXL set are used. Slide two to three threaded lugs (depending on the side length) under the tile on the side so that the web is in contact with the tile. Now insert the second tile so that the threaded lugs are fixed in the joint between the two tiles. Finish the first row of tiles according to this pattern.

XXL sets Step 2:


Now turn one pull tab on each threaded tab and level the two adjacent tiles to one level. The advantage of this levelling system is that, if necessary, the tension straps can be readjusted afterwards until the adhesive has hardened. Proceed in this way over the entire surface and then allow the tile adhesive to cure completely.

XXL sets Step 3:

Once the tile adhesive has cured, the reusable pull straps can be unscrewed and collected for the next use. The threads of the threaded straps are broken off either with an abrasion-resistant rubber hammer or with the tip of the foot in the direction of the joint. Nothing can now be seen of the threaded lugs.

XXL sets Step 4:

Now you can grout as usual. The perfect result will convince you and your customers. Our tip for sensitive surfaces: To avoid abrasion of the black pull straps on sensitive tile surfaces, we recommend our levelling system washers Art. 12489. These are simply placed between tile and pull strap. So you are always on the safe side.

For which installation patterns is the Karl Dahm levelling system suitable?

You can use any installation pattern with the basic threaded brackets of the levelling system. In addition to the basic threaded brackets, there are also the cross and T-piece threaded brackets. With the cross threaded brackets, installation in cross bracing is possible without any problems. With the T-piece threaded lugs you can easily lay in half and quarter bandages, etc.. The cross and T-piece tapped brackets are available in three different joint widths: 2, 3 or 4 mm. The flaps are ideal for maintaining the joint width. They can be used in addition to the normal basic threaded lugs.

Do you have any questions about our levelling system? Then just give us a call: Tel. 08667 878120 or write us: info@karldahm.com