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Tile cutting machine - Tile cutting machine

-What's the difference?-

There are extremely many different tile cutting machines on the market. Basically there is no difference between tile cutting machine, tile cutter and tile cutting machine. They only differ in their designation. The most popular term is still tile cutter, directly followed by tile cutting machine and tile cutting machine. All pure habit.

Tile cutting machines - so many different colours, shapes and materials

In the following we will mainly talk about tile cutting machines and tile cutting machines.

Tile cutting machines are available, as already mentioned, in a variety of different shapes and colours. Of course, the many tile cutting machines also always differ in their different materials. For example, some tile cutting machines are made of metal, others of wood, others of a mixture and much more. Likewise it is to be distinguished, from which kind of application the language is. Is it a wet tile cutting machine or a dry tile cutting machine. Probably most common are still the conventional dry tile cutting machines. Karl Dahm became particularly famous for the IDEAL wood tile cutting machine. This tile cutting machine mainly consists of a specially reinforced wooden board. Attached to it is a guide rail. The Ideal tile cutting machine is known for its double-guided guide rail. The IDEAL tile cutting machine gets its firm stand by the feet mounted on each corner. These feet are covered with an extremely sturdy rubber to ensure a long service life and above all a safe stand. Of course, every Karl Dahm IDEAL tile cutting machine is automatically equipped with a tile cutting and breaking device integrated in the machine.

Tile cutting machine High Line - the new generation

In the course of the development of the materials to be processed, such as tiles, which are getting bigger and bigger or stronger and harder, the tile cutting machines had to adapt to the new conditions. Especially the topic of large tile formats had to be dealt with, and so the new development and of course patented solution of the single guided guide rail came on the market. A new generation was born, the High Line generation of tile cutting machines.

Tile cutting machine High - Line - or rather the entire High Line family of tile cutting machines

The tile cutting machines High-Line is the consequent advancement of our continuous new developments. Optically and technically the new generation of these tile cutting machines provides a professional appearance on every construction site. The special features of these tile cutting machines are on the one hand the waterproof and extremely robust, 35 cm wide phenolic resin support plate, which is either mounted on a stable and torsion-resistant lightweight aluminium frame, or an extremely stable wooden plate, which serves as the basic frame of the tile cutting machine. To widen the supporting surface, the proven side arms were modified, because the aim is to design a tile cutting machine that is as light as possible. However, the materials to be cut are also becoming increasingly heavy. The new outriggers of the tile cutting machines are thus additionally intended to prevent the machine from rolling. The outer arms of the new generation of tile cutting machines are now made of stainless steel and have even better stability. For practical transport of the tile cutting machines there is always a handle.

Tile cutting machines new - let us convince you of the other great new features of these tile cutters

The problem with large format tiles and the corresponding tile cutting machines was often the unstable stop angle. In this generation of tile cutting machines this angle has been reinforced many times over and in the particularly large cutting lengths, such as Art. No. 11495 (cutting length 1.85 m), the angle is even doubled. An absolutely innovative further development in the field of tile cutting machines. This angle is characterised by its special stability.

Tile cutting machines - of course with integrated breaking device

Of course this tile cutting machine family also has an additional integrated breaking device at the end of the guide rail. In addition to the standard crushing device, which can be found on every tile cutting machine from Karl Dahm, a new crushing device can be mounted in an expandable way. This crushing device is based on the function of the Karl Dahm super cracker and is therefore particularly suitable for strong materials. But even with all conventional materials you will not regret having retrofitted this crushing device to the tile cutting machine. (Attention: only to be retrofitted to all tile cutting machines of the High Line model) Breaking device "High-Line" , Art.No.: 11325.

Tile cutting machines and practical accessories can of course also be found in the Karl Dahm tiler online shop

Practical accessories such as our work table large format art.: 12980, the super cracker art.: 10990, the ideal crusher art.: 10889, the fine cutting wheel art.: 11363 facilitate the processing, even of large formats, and protect your health.


Tile cutters - Accessories and spare parts

A wide range of different accessories for the individual tile cutters, as well as accessories and spare parts for tiling tools and tools for the building trade.a small excerpt:

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