Joint colorant KARL DAHM

Simply color joints with the KARL DAHM joint colorant. Now also available in the small bottle with 120 ml.
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Brightens up old joints - the KARL DAHM joint stainer.

Dirty old joints can make an entire room look dirty and old. But the effort involved in re-pointing is often not commensurate with the result. The costs are high, it takes a long time, and you are more annoyed than satisfied afterwards. The KARL DAHM joint stainer can provide a remedy here. 

The color system is specially designed to restore old, discolored or dirty joints to their former glory. And it can be done in just a few simple steps. You will be convinced by the perfect result.

How does the joint colorant work?

The grout colorant is a special water-based expoxy color system, which is perfect for coloring cement joints. Due to its composition, the grout color only bonds with the joints, but not with the tiles. A clean result is therefore guaranteed. In addition, the grout colorant protects the joints from new discoloration and also impregnates them. Thus, you will enjoy your new grout joints for several years.

The joint stain protects the joints from:

  • Oil contamination
  • water
  • acid-based contaminants
  • discolorations

With good care, the color result lasts for years (indoors). Maintenance is also made easier.

Advantages of the KARL DAHM joint stainer

When you color your joints, e.g. in the bathroom, kitchen or living room, with the joint colorant, you do not need to be afraid that the surface structure of the joint will be changed. KARL DAHM joint colorant is designed to preserve the surface structure of the joint. This makes the result even more authentic. Almost as if you had completely regrouted your joints.

How many square meters can I create with one bottle?

With our 237 ml bottles, you can create an area of approx. 15 to 17 m². However, this depends on:

  • Tile format and
  • Grout width

The larger the tiles, the less grout there is in the room. This means that you need less grout color. the higher the grout percentage, the more color you need. The width of the grout also plays a role. Wider joints logically need more paint than narrow joints. The specification of 15 to 17 m² is only a guideline for your planning.

You only have a small area that you want to color?
Why not try our new joint stain colors in the 120 ml bottle. These are perfect if you are unsure about the color or want to test the grout colorant first.

The new joint colorant bottles are available in the following colors:

These three grout colors are also available in a practical set with cleaning sponge and 2 grout brushes:

Use the included cleaning sponge to effectively remove the excess paint from the tiles. The two bristle brushes (width 2 or 4 mm) are perfect for applying the paint into the joints.

What other colors are available?

There is a suitable grout color for almost every tile. Our 237 ml bottles are available in 13 different colors:

Not sure which color you need?
>> Request our free color swatch card with all colors here. <<

How is the joint stainer applied?

The application of KARL DAHM joint stain is done in a few simple steps. Before starting the application, make sure that the joints are absolutely clean and dry.

For cleaning the joints we recommend our joint cleaning set no. 11938

  • Step 1: Apply the grout colorant to the dry and clean grout lines using a brush (preferably a brush the width of the grout line). Work so that the paint covers the joints, but not too much paint lands on the tiles
  • Step 2: Allow the grout colorant to work for about 5- 6 minutes as described on the instructions on the bottle. After this period, test in an inconspicuous place whether the grout has already accepted the color.
  • Step 3: Once the joint has taken on the desired color, the joint colorant can be removed with the special cleaning sponge (white pad side). The grout colorant can be easily removed from the tiles

Note: Do not leave the paint on for longer than specified under any circumstances.

The paint must now dry out completely for approx. 24 hours. We then recommend additional impregnation of the joints with joint impregnation spray no. 11323. This will protect your new joints from dirt for even longer and preserve the color permanently.

After 24 hours, the surface can be used again as usual.

Ready are your new, freshly colored joints. The result will last for several years.

Do you have any questions about our joint dyer?

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