Suction lifters and installation tools

Suction lifters and installation tools for every requirement can be found in the Karl Dahm online shop. Transport large, heavy tiles safely and quickly from A to B. We have the right laying tools for every requirement in our range.
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Suction lifters and laying tools for laying tiles


Suction lifters and their place of use

Thinking suction cups you certainly think of the fixing of car navigation systems at the windscreen, solid and simple. Suction cups are versatile helpers not only when working glass and transporting or laying out tiles and natural stone but also when working with synthetic materials and metal sheets.

Suction cups, also known as tilt lever suction cups or vacuum cups, are used in applying construction materials with a gas proof surface which must be exactly positionned like ceramic tiles for instance. There are different types of suction cups:  solid rubber suction cups, tilt lever suction cups and pump activated suction cups. Solid rubber suction cups create the vacuum  by using the restoring force of the rubber.
These suction cups have most of the time smaller diameters and are often used to open the maintenance covers of sanitary appliances.

Suction cups with tilt lever are very popular. The vacuum is generated by an enlargement of the hollow space between the rubber disk and the surface of the material to handle. Tilt lever suction cups are available as suction cups with 1-head, 2-heads or several heads. The suction power can be 100 kg or more.

The decision which suction cup to use does not only depend on the lifting capacity but also on the size or format of the material to carry.  2-heads suction cups ensure a allow for a better handling of  large format tiles. They can be balanced more easily and the handle between the suction disks allows for a better handling.


1-head suction cups have either a tilt lever or a tilting handle to create the vacuum. In this regard the tilting handle has a double function : creating a vaccum on the one side and serving as a handle on the other side. As far as pump-activated suction cups are concerned,  the vacuum is created by a manually activated pump. Suction cups of this type have an especially good suction power which can even be increased by pumping again. The suction can be released by pressing the push button integrated in the handle in order to loosen the suction cup.

Materials with a textured or a slightly convex surface require an extraordinary  suction power. Karl Dahm also supplies a special suction lifter meeting these requirements. This suction cup has an additional sealing lip which adapts optimally to the textured surface and prevents the suction cup from loosing suction power.

Suction cups with double sealing lips give proof of their advantages - especially when laying out large format porcelain tiles (wood look tiles for example). Suction cups with smooth suction disks would loose their suction power more quickly. Suction lifters are also used with laying frames made for laying out extremely big tiles: Karl Dahm supplies a solid, flexible Laying frame made of aluminum. This extandable laying frame has suction cups which can be postionned at will within the system (item no. 12211).

Smaller  lifters or suction cups with tilt levers are also used together with circle cutters  (item no. 10683) or with boring jigs (item no. 50311/50313). Prior condition that applies to all suction cups in order to obtain the optimum suction power  is a clean surface as well as a faultless and clean rubber disk.

Other important tools for laying out tiles that help to take care of the health and that make work easier are stone or paving stone lifters and other lifting devices.  Stone lifters are often adjustable and can be used in combination with different  grippers depending on material thickness and surface.