The tile levelling system by Karl Dahm is easy to use and you do not need any additional tools such as pliers or wedges. Simply screw the pulling hoods onto the threaded lugs - done! See for yourself and order your starter set item 12504 today.

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The Tile Leveling System - The Intelligent Installation Aid from Karl Dahm

Laying tiles easily, quickly, cleanly and, above all, absolutely flat - that is the goal of every tiler. Customers expect a perfect result, just like the professional himself.

The tile leveling system from Karl Dahm is the perfect laying aid when it comes to laying tiles and slabs level and without overhangs. The system is as simple as it is inexpensive. You do not need any additional tools or other cumbersome aids. The leveling system is particularly helpful when laying large-format tiles and slabs, because it is precisely here that overhangs and unwanted edges are noticed particularly quickly. No problem for the Karl Dahm leveling system.

Consisting of tension hoods and the corresponding threaded tabs, the leveling system is quick and easy to use. The pulling hoods are available in two sizes. The black pulling hoods are suitable for laying tiles from a material thickness of 3 to 12 mm. The slightly larger gray pulling hoods are suitable for tiles and natural stone from a thickness of 12 to 20 mm. The threaded lugs are available in three versions. These are subdivided into three different joint widths. There are the basic threaded tabs (for joint widths of 2 mm), the threaded tabs joint crosses (from 2 to 4 mm joint width) and the threaded tabs T-pieces (perfect for laying in a bond, from 2 to 4 mm joint width).



The application of the Karl Dahm leveling system
In four simple steps you will get to the perfectly laid floor.

Step 1: The desired threaded tabs are inserted into the tile adhesive under the tile.

Step 2: Then the next tile is embedded in the adhesive next to the other tile. Now the threaded tabs are fixed in the joint.

Step 3: Next, the pull hoods are rotated onto the threaded tabs, the rotation brings the tiles to level.

Step 4: After the adhesive has cured, the pull hoods can be turned off. The threaded tab protrusions are broken off either with the foot or a rubber mallet in the direction of the joint and can now be swept up and disposed of very easily. (All pulling hoods can be reused several times).


The leveling system is suitable for both tiles and natural stone.

The basic set from Karl Dahm is suitable for starting to use the tile leveling system. It consists of 50 black or gray pulling hoods and 250 threaded tabs base (2 mm joint width). The basic set comes in a practical transport bucket, which can also be used as a storage facility for the reusable pulling hoods.

The basic leveling system from Karl Dahm: 50 pull hoods and 250 base tabs in a transport bucket

For those who no longer want to do without the tile leveling system when laying, the Maxi sets from Karl Dahm are available, consisting of 150 black or gray pull hoods and 1500 threaded base tabs (2 mm joint width). This set is supplied in a generous mixing bucket.


The new Maxi sets consisting of 150 pull hoods (black or gray) and 1500 threaded tabs base (2 mm joint width).                                                                                                       

The pulling hoods are also available separately at 150 pieces each.  The basic threaded plates are also available in packs of 250, 500 and 2500. The joint cross and T-piece threaded plates are available in 2, 3 or 4 mm joint widths, each as a 250 or 500-piece pack in the Karl Dahm online store www.karldahm.com or by phone: 08667 878-0.