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Laying large format tiles

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Laying large format tiles Tools for laying out large format tiles

Since many years our utmost concern is to support our customers in handling different materials.It’s not only the materials that change but also the tools involved.

Laying out big format tiles is becoming a more and more important issue. Newest techniques of the tile industry allow to produce large format ceramics that get larger and larger and thinner and thinner. The new generation of wall and floor coverings being produced in minimized thickness is also available in length of 1-3 meters.

Large format tiles and slabs are the trend of the moment.

Porcelain tiles up to 100x180cm, faux wood tiles in most different formats and thin ceramic tiles up to 3x1m need to be layed out in a professional way. These tile trends are a new challenge for all tilers. The laying techniques become more detailed and more difficult. Skills in craftmenship, extensive knowledges and know-how aren’t enough any longer. There is no way to success without the right tools.

We offer perfect tools and machines making work easier and helping you to do a perfect job. As a contact,a manufacturer and a seller of professional tools for tilers and the building trades we have to face up to these trends.

Thanks to innovative developments of professional tile cutters especially for large format tiles with maximum cutting lengths of 3,5m, and by means of longer supporting table, motors with increased power in our electric tile cutting machines or by means of our new tile levelling system we offer appropriate tools for pros laying out large format tiles.Your skills and know-how together with high quality tools will make this work easier.

Large format tiles must be handled carefully. Absolute musts are know-how and profound knowledges of how to lay out the most different tiles in a professional way.

An absolutely flat substrate is essential for creating a perfect tile covering. Now, a new tool helps to achieve perfect results:

Floor surface laser

The world’s first floor surface laser

(Order No. 41371) The worlds first floor surface laser

For the first time ever a floor surface laser makes unevenness visible at a glance. Displays surface irregularities precisely using a simple principe: - one line means surface is flat / broken line means surface is not flat. This method is not only simple and easy but also highly efficient. It provides more safety thanks to a complete check of the entire surface. Laser head rotates 360°. The laser comes with a remote control for easy and comfortable operation

Your advantages when using this floor surface laser:

  • Quick and reliable check of surfaces such as screed or concrete floors This floor surface laser is an ideal tool for site managers, surveyors and all flooring trades
  • VERY QUICK: No need to bend down, no remeasuring, no second person needed: One person can easily check even big surfaces – and by using a remote control.
  • ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE: the floor surface laser makes unevenness visible at a glance. 100% reliable, with millimetre precision.
  • AREA-WIDE CHECK. Other than traditional methods this floor surface laser does a complete check of the entire surface in only a few minutes – not only point measuring, not time-consuming!

Laying large format tiles

Laying large format tiles / installation of large-sized pavers

Cutting, separating, lifting or laying out large format tiles - everything pros need to do the job.

Laying out big format tiles is becoming a more and more important issue. Come in to the Karl Dahm Online Shop where you find tools that ease the difficult job of laying out big tiles.


Laying out big tiles, laying out large format tiles made easy, your tools for working on big tiles. Laying big tiles made easy.