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Laying large format tiles Tools for laying out large format tiles

For many years now, Karl Dahm has been committed to supporting its customers with the best possible and helpful tools for the processing of various materials. Not only the materials to be processed change, but also the tools that go with them.

Laying large tiles - New generation of laying materials

The topic of "laying large tiles" - large format laying - is becoming increasingly important. The latest techniques in the tile industry make it possible to produce ever larger and thinner ceramics. The new generation of laying materials, which are offered with minimized thickness, are also available in sizes of 1-3 meters. Large format laying - Large formats continue to be the trend when laying large tiles and slabs. Porcelain stoneware tiles up to 100 x 180 cm, wood-look tiles in various formats, large tiles and also thin ceramics up to 3 x 1 m want and need to be laid professionally. These tile trends pose new challenges for the tiler. The cutting of tiles, the cutting, the laying techniques are becoming more and more extensive, detailed and difficult. Craftsmanship, extensive knowledge and skills are essential here, but nothing works without the right tools. We offer you professional tools that make working with large formats on the construction site easier. As a contact partner, manufacturer and distributor of tiling tools for tilers and the building trade, we too have to face these trends.

Large format laying - Laying large tiles with high quality and professional tools

Through innovative new developments in the field of our professional tile cutters, especially for large tiles with max. cutting lengths of 3.5 m, through longer supporting tables, table extensions, stronger drive motors in the electric tile cutter or through our new tile levelling system, we offer the professional the right tool for large format laying. Your skills and knowledge combined with high quality professional tools will make this work easier for you. The handling of large format tiles is sensitive. Knowledge and skill in the professional laying of the different tile materials is an absolute must. An absolutely flat laying surface is the first requirement for this.

Präzisions Messkeil zum Verlegen von grossen Fliesen von KARL DAHM

(Art. No. 10059) Precision measuring wedge

Afterwards, self-levelling levelling compounds are used. The floor levelling compound is applied to the pre-treated substrate and evenly distributed with a surface squeegee. To avoid the formation of bubbles, the compound is "rolled" evenly with spiked rollers, i.e. deaerated.

KARL DAHM Stachelwalze zum Entlüften von Ausgleichsmassen

(Item No. 10672 | 10673) Spiked roller

In order to be able to move in the very thin levelling compound, the tiler needs nail shoes that leave no marks and additionally ventilate the compound.

Nagelschuhe Karl Dahm

(Art. No. 10669) Nail shoes for tilers

Now that the laying substrate has been created, the issues of safe cutting, breaking, drilling and laying of the tile must be resolved. This is a challenge for the installer and tools. An absolutely straight cut is the most important criterion for these large formats (large tiles). Our Dahm High-Line tile cutters meet this requirement perfectly, thanks to a new patented guide.

Dahm High-Line Plus - Tile cutter with integrated breaking device

Four cutting lengths, 63, 93, 128, 163 and 185 cm are offered here. For formats up to 3 m or even beyond that, our new development, the new tile cutter Maximum, is the ideal solution.

Großformat-Fliesenschneider Karl Dahm

(Art. No. 12226) Tile cutter Maximum

The precisely manufactured cutting slide slides with 4 ball bearings along the cutting rail, which can be extended as required. The rail is easily fixed to the tile by vacuum lifter. For these formats, some of which are only 3.5 mm thick, an additional lifting and laying frame is a useful, almost indispensable aid.

Verlegerahmen für große Fliesen

(Art. No. 12290) Lifting and laying frame up to 300 cm

To prevent damage to the tiles, we recommend working with plastic protection corners, which are available for tile thicknesses of 3 - 10 mm.

Schutzecken für große Fliesen

(Art. No. 12250) Protective corners for different panel thicknesses

Safe crushing, even of narrow strips, is guaranteed by our special crushing tools. Up to a tile thickness of 10 mm, we recommend our ideal crushing clamp.

Ideal-Brechzange zum Brechen von grossen Fliesen

(Art. No. 10889) Ideal crusher Dahm

Der KARL DAHM Superknacker bricht auch starke Fliesen zuverlässig

(Art. No. 10990) Supercracker Dahm

In addition, our Superknacker has also proven its worth. Both have a specially designed power transmission that enables even the hardest materials to be broken. Of course, holes must also be drilled in large tiles. The fastest and easiest method for this task is drilling with diamond dry core bits and a one-handed angle grinder.

FLEX Winkelschleifer Karl Dahm

(Art. No. 40253) Professional angle grinder FLEX

Holes from 6 - 100 mm diameter can be drilled quickly and safely into large tiles. It is important that the diamond core bit is placed at an angle to the material to prevent the hole from running on the tile and to cool the diamond coating on the diamond core bit during drilling. Our high quality diamond dry core bits allow a long service life and a clean drilling result. It is also possible to drill the holes stationary with drill stand and water supply. New is the drill stand with vacuum suction, which can be attached to any point of the large format tiles (large tiles).

Karl Dahm Bohrständer KDB 200

(Art. No. 40103) Drill stand

Bohrständer für grosse Fliesen Karl Dahm

(Art. No. 40104) Drill stand floor KDB 200 incl. water tray

Absolutely precise work with maximum service life of the diamond core bits are the advantages of this system. Special tools are indispensable for laying the panels cleanly, evenly and safely. Our tile levelling system has proven to be the best solution. It has become accepted by the tiler because of its simple and fast working method and has the advantage that no further tools such as pliers are required. The insertion of the threaded tabs and the simple placing and turning of the reusable pulling hoods enables the tile edges to be levelled with millimetre accuracy. You will obtain a perfect joint pattern without overdentures. Of course, there are other systems available for this purpose, although we consider this to be the simplest and quickest.

An important tool for laying large tiles / large formats is the suction lifter

Saugheber doppelt für große Fliesen

(Art. No. 11775) 2-head Suction Cup

There are different versions of this tool, depending on the requirements. For light structures on the tile surface, suction lifters with a second suction lip should be used in any case to guarantee a perfect grip on the material. For more pronounced structures on the tile surface, a suction lifter with a hand pump should be used.

A good tip from a professional: in all cases, slightly moistening the rubber lips is a proven aid to increase the suction power of the suction lifter.

Saugheber Karl Dahm

(Item No. 10776) Suction Cup

Saugheber mit Pumpe für schwere Fliesen von Karl Dahm

(Art. No. 10781) Pump activated suction cup

An important aspect is of course also the full-saturated laying of the tiles in the adhesive bed. The buttering-floating process is indispensable for this. This means that in addition to the adhesive application to the substrate, a thin layer of adhesive is applied to the back of the tile. It should be noted that this contact layer is also applied to the corners and edges of the tile. It is recommended to work with large serrations to achieve a perfect bedding of the tile in the adhesive bed.

Knickzahnkelle Karl Dahm

(Item No. 11735) Buckling Trowel

Stone cutting machines with ever longer cutting lengths and ever greater accuracy also make working with large-format tiles easier

Steintrennmaschine Super Cut von KARL DAHM in Top Qualität

(Art. No. 30070) Stone cutting machine Super Cut with wheels

The professional will have to face the challenge of laying large tiles (large format laying) and meet the wishes of the customers. With good know-how and the right tools, he can certainly master this challenge. In the opinion of experts, large tiles and slabs do not represent a short-term trend. They will become more and more established in the daily business of tilers and will ensure that the skills of the specialist will be more strongly demanded again, because the normal "do-it-yourselfer" is overstrained with this.

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