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Our Levelmac threaded shackles are available in various designs. From the standard basic threaded shackles to cross threaded shackles and T-piece threaded shackles, we have the right threaded shackle for every type of installation.

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Leveling system threaded bracket - here you will find a wide selection.

The leveling system threaded bracket, are suitable for everyone. It does not matter whether for professionals, do-it-yourselfers or laymen. Through the threaded tabs and the associated draw hoods, a lot of work is taken off. The use of a tile leveling system ensures a quick and clean result. The leveling system threaded tabs are available in different designs. In our range, we offer from basic threaded tabs to cross threaded tabs and T-piece threaded tabs. So these will help you to achieve the best possible result for you or your customers. Even the laying of tiles that do not comply with the standard is made possible quickly and precisely. By using these we enable you to achieve the best possible results for your customers as well as for yourself.  


The threaded tabs allow perfect laying of tiles regardless of their format.

You can find the following leveling system threaded tabs in the versions:

Basic threaded tab:

Cross threaded tab:

T-piece threaded lug:

Our products are available in the following packaging units: 100 pieces, 250 pieces, 400 pieces, 500 pieces, 1500 pieces, 2500 pieces, 5000 pieces, 10000 pieces.

These are the advantages of the threaded tab leveling system:

  • The Karl Dahm leveling system is particularly suitable for large format tiles. It is also ideal for wall or floor tiles and other tiles.
  • Inexpensive purchase of the tabs ensure a perfect result
  • Reusable as well as versatile (leaving the threaded tab under the material)
  • Usable without the need of other tools with the rotary leveling system
  • Installation is possible without complaint
  • Allows laying at the same level and, above all, without overhanging the tiles
  • By using leveling systems, visible edges can be prevented.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and follow-up orders are the rule


There is nothing negative to report about the leveling system, the threaded tabs and the leveling corners. Even critics are enthusiastic and now trust this product. Often there are concerns that more time is needed during use. However, this is not correct. On the contrary, it saves time. One saves time-consuming lifting out of the plates after installation in order to realign them. With the leveling system you are even much faster and more effective as well as much more flexible. The larger the packaging units of the leveling system, the lower the price per leveling system.   The leveling corners make it even easier to lay tiles in edge areas. It does not matter whether they are inner corners or outer edges. They allow for a perfect and even transition without excess teeth and visible edges. Installation is very quick and the > With the leveling corners, visibly better results can be achieved. Especially for visible edges highly recommended to use the leveling corners with threaded tabs and the respective laying system.  

These are the advantages of the leveling corners

  • The leveling corners are ideal for external and internal corners
  • Easy to lay at angles of 90
  • Suitable for the Levelmac rotary system and for the wedge leveling system
  • Can be used in a variety of applications such as counters and stairs
  • Reusable and durable

We want to make tiling as fast, effective and affordable as possible for you. However, it should not lack quality, moreover, we attach great importance to a perfect end result.    

How to use the tile leveling system correctly, explained step by step.


Karl Dahm meanwhile promises the best quality for 65 years. On the other hand, our goal is also to provide you with the best products, as a result of which we guarantee customer satisfaction.

This goal is also reflected in the positive returns of our products and services. For this and especially for your loyalty we would like to thank you.