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Police at Karl Dahm und Partner GmbH in Seebruck

Last week it happened again.

Several times a year the police come to the premises of Karl Dahm. But no fear. Not because something happened or because we behaved badly! NO! Here we work and train.

And the attention is put particularly on the dogs of the police dog squadron Bavaria. Together with their owners, to whom they do not leave the side both professionally and privately, the dogs are allowed to train almost the whole night long.

With security one can say that this kind of the training prepares the dogs each quantity fun, since they are particularly demanded here. But the fun is only a good side effect, because training is only for the case of emergency.

In a strange and for the dogs unfamiliar environment individual situations are played through. The dogs must find e.g. a criminal or a missing person. The dog has to track them down and then immediately tell his handler where he found the missing person.
Also the tracing of illegal means and drugs is practiced. A persistent rumour that police dogs are "addicted" to these drugs is completely wrong. It is only due to their extremely fine and unbelievably pronounced sense of smell that they can detect any kind of drug. No human being, let alone machines, will ever be able to replace this quality.

But it takes years for a dog to finally call itself a "police dog". Much patience, attention, talent and much love for his animal are necessary for it. We are happy that there are people and also dogs, who take this work and effort on themselves, in order to protect the general public.

We are happy to be able to support the dog handlers and their dogs in their many years of training by making our premises available.

The team of Karl Dahm wishes the police dog squadron all the best and much success in this hard job.